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3D Geoinfo pre-conference workshop: val3dity

9b26e5232107ff34e15600337f10a814?s=47 Stelios Vitalis
September 30, 2018

3D Geoinfo pre-conference workshop: val3dity


Stelios Vitalis

September 30, 2018


  1. val3dity v2.0

  2. Automatic repairin With my colleague John Z of the most

    common err errors = very common in 3D buildings 2
  3. rules for validation of 2D polygons 3 Validation of a

    polygon = a solved problem OGC Simple Features and ISO19107 rules: 1 no self-intersection 2 closed boundaries 3 rings can touch but not overlap 4 no duplicate points 5 no dangling edges 6 connected interior 7 etc p2 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p3 p12 p11 p10 p1 exterior boundary interior boundary 8 / 26
  4. valid? TU Delft’s validation software: val3dity 4 • as ISO

    19107 as possible (only linear/planar primitives) • use of CGAL: robust and fast • C++ • kind to the user
  5. all 3D primitives of CityGML 5 LinearRing Polygon Point MultiSurface

    CompositeSurface MultiSolid CompositeSolid Solid
  6. some solids, some valid some invalid 6 s1 s2 s3

    s4 invalid invalid valid valid s9 s10 s11 s12 invalid invalid valid invalid s5 s6 s7 s8 invalid invalid invalid valid
  7. error codes 7

  8. ISO19107 solids are not 2-manifolds 8 exterior boundary interior boundary

    profile of the solid
  9. eg, what needs to be checked 9 ISO 19107 rules

    also in 3D 1 distinct vertex 2 closedness of the rings of every surface 3 orientation of points within a surface (with inner rings) 4 planarity of surfaces 5 non-self intersection of surfaces 6 non-overlapping inner rings on a surface 7 orientation of normal vectors 8 “watertightness” of every shell 9 “connectedness” of the interior 10 how inner/outer shells interact with each others 11 ... 22 / 26
  10. Buildings and BuildingParts are supported 10 This Building in Den

    Haag has 12 BuildingParts and these shouldn’t overlap!