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How to launch on Product Hunt: Flawless App Startup Guide

October 27, 2017

How to launch on Product Hunt: Flawless App Startup Guide

This presentation was given at Product Hunt Kyiv meetup on October 2017. It will teach you:

- How to become a good citizen of Product Hunt community
- Step-by-step PH launch: Flawless App plan
- Typical mistakes or how not to screw up your rating
- What to do after PH launch: marketing for startups

You can also check our article: https://medium.com/flawless-app-stories/flawlessapp-on-producthunt-7db3e561ce7a and collection of useful articles for your Product Hunt launch: https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Marketing-for-Engineers#cat-marketing-for-product-hunt-launch


October 27, 2017


  1. How to launch on Product Hunt Flawless App Startup Guide

    print(“Hello Product Hunt Community”) Hello marketing without a budget. Hello free marketing channels. Hello research. Hello user interviews. Hello marketing analytics. Hello market, media and message. Hello 20% weekly growth. Hello hunters and kittens. Hello Ryan Hoover. Hello startup world.
  2. Lisa Dziuba Swift learner & Growth Hacker lisa@flawlessapp.io Ahmed Sulaiman

    iOS & macOS developer & designer ahmed@flawlessapp.io ! Intro FlawlessApp.io — Make iOS apps look exactly as expected design
  3. ! Our 2.5 years with Flawless App Hackathon First Sale

    First Product Launch Pivot Seconds Product Launch Sales
  4. ! Our plan for today How to be a good

    citizen of Product Hunt Community Flawless App example: step-by-step launch plan Typical mistakes: what is better not to do Life after Product Hunt: marketing without a budget 4
  5. ☝ Try to help the community " Write constructive feedback

    to other products ☎ Share & recommend cool stuff from PH $ Help new PH makers with preparation % Advise startup founders how to improve their launches & Respect others & follow the rules
  6. Be proac)ve and use PH opportuni)es ! What else can

    you do at Product Hunt? Ask Product Hunt Live Chats Jobs Hackathon
  7. Let’s make PH be-er ! Report bugs, UX issues, spam

    " Beta-test new PH products # Treat PH as your own product
  8. Your step-by-step plan 1. Decide if your product can be

    interesting for... ! Startup folks " Marketers # Designers
  9. Your step-by-step plan 2. Read guides & talk to founders

    = 1 day Marketing For Engineers – https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Marketing-for-Engineers
  10. Flawless App example 11:30 AM Submitted Flawless App on Product

    Hunt Asked local communities to support us 12:00 - 03:00 PM Asked our users to support us via Email & Twitter 03:00 - 06:00 PM Announced our PH launch in target groups 06:00 - 08:00 PM Added Flawless to PH collections 09:00 PM Sent “thank you” notes & answer on questions 10:00 PM - 08:00 AM
  11. Flawless App results Flawless App Launch on Product Hunt !

    #1 for 24 hours " 6 sales (2 days) # 97 trials (2 days) $ 3.2K users on site % Feedback storm Results Reduce App Launch on Product Hunt ! #3 for 24 hours # 1500 users (2 days) % Feedback storm Results
  12. What leads to penalty Case 1 Fast growth at local

    time → No growth at the US time Too much support from not PH users Case 2 !
  13. ! Please, don’t spam the whole world. ⚠ Don’t ask

    all contacts to upvote or write fake comments ⚠ Don’t post PH promo at random startup communities ⚠ Don’t spam active PH users over the Twitter
  14. ! Please, don’t cheat " Don’t buy upvotes from freelance

    sites # Don’t use bots, fake PH accounts $ Don’t run Facebook Ads to your PH submissions % Don’t propose hunters money for hunting you
  15. Marke&ng without a budget Direct Sales Linkedin messages Cold Emails

    Direct messages to targeted Twitter followers Sales to competitors’ users
  16. Marke&ng without a budget Direct Sales Make research Follow ups

    Build relationship Write custom messages Propose to use your product trial I have read your article on this problem... I saw, that your company does a lot of cool mobile apps
  17. Marke&ng without a budget Monkey Marke&ng 1 Basic Content Marketing

    Viral Activities 2 PR 3 Refferals 4 Free Tools 5 Influencer Marketing 6 Partnerships 7 Help your users 8