Marketing for Startups

Marketing for Startups

👌 How to find first users for your startup without a budget: a step-by-step guide.

This is my talk from ProductTank meetup on April 2018. It will very useful for startup founders, who would love to promote their side projects 🚀 Presentation is based on 3 years experience of running our startup — tool for iOS developers to compare original designs with the real app in the iOS simulator (

📝Brief presentation plan:

1. How to make a market research:
1.1. User Research
1.2. Competitors Reseach

2. How to define positioning (core message)

3. How to promote the product via free marketing channels:
3.1. Public launch
3.2. Direct sales
3.3. Monkey marketing

4. Summary

Useful links:
🔗 Product Hunt Launch Guide:

🔗 Marketing for Engineers articles collection:

🔗 Как стартапу продвигать продукт без бюджета. Руководство от украинской команды Flawless App

If you have any questions, feel free to write me on Twitter (@LisaDziuba).
🌟 Good luck with your marketing!



April 26, 2018