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Desplegando Ticketea

Desplegando Ticketea

Imanol Cea

March 17, 2016

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  1. ticketea Who we are? @JavierHdez3 @maraujop @igalarzab @sullymorland @patoroco @imanolcg

    @RafaRM20 @iamcarlosedo @andrea_mgr @Mc_Arena_pr @javitxudedios @Maquert @gnufede @willyfrog_ @ShideShugo
  2. ticketea Sysadmins? @JavierHdez3 @maraujop @igalarzab @sullymorland @patoroco @imanolcg @RafaRM20 @iamcarlosedo

    @andrea_mgr @Mc_Arena_pr @javitxudedios @Maquert @gnufede @willyfrog_ @ShideShugo X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  3. ticketea Why use AWS? ✤ We don’t have sysadmins. ✤

    Our traffic is spike-oriented. ✤ Auto-managed AWS services are really helpful. ✤ They improve their service continually. ✤ The uptime of some of their services is 99.999999999%
  4. ticketea AWS services EC2 RDS S3 CloudFront EBS ELB ElasticCache

    DynamoDB SES Route53 SNS SQS VPC CloudWatch
  5. ticketea EC2 && ELB ✤ Keep an eye on the

    “Events” page of the admin console. ✤ Use always more than one AZ. ✤ We reached the maximum number of instances of EC2! ✤ Pre-heat the ELBs (open a ticket in the support area).
  6. ticketea RDS ✤ Aurora ✤ Vertical auto-scaling and spikes are

    not friends. ✤ The point-in-time-snapshots system is awesome. ✤ Create new replicas is a one-click process.
  7. ticketea SQS ✤ Everything can fail: also 3 AZ of

    one region. ✤ Automate fallbacks to other regions. ✤ Be prepared to have a 2nd plan to synchronise services. ✤ No messages lost, but receive them more than once (maybe).
  8. ticketea VPC ✤ It’s really difficult to migrate from EC2.

    ✤ We’re trying to migrate gradually. ✤ Check ClassicLink to facilitate the process. ✤ Create a VPN to get access to your network. ✤ Use a Route53 internal domain to name your services.
  9. ticketea Distributed systems ✤ Granular failing. ✤ Avoid single point

    of failure. ✤ Easy code maintainability ✤ Choose the best tech for each project. ✤ Scale the team easier.
  10. ticketea Distributed systems ✤ Hard to deploy. ✤ Hard to

    see the whole picture. ✤ More complexity: easy to fail. ✤ When shit happens: you need a plan B.
  11. ticketea The Rat ‘devops’ race API Heracles Odin Frontend Chef

    Puppet Ansible Thor Caronte Ansible “The Reborn”
  12. ticketea Executing commands ✤ fab -f heracles.py stop_consuming_messages:queue ✤ fab

    -f frontend.py maintenance_on ✤ fab -f sg.py open_sg ✤ fab -f api.py fast_rollback:version
  13. ticketea Development environment ✤ Use the same ansible roles ✤

    Meta-roles: roles/ api/ tasks/main.yml tkt-api/ meta/main.yml api.yml development.yml
  14. ticketea Why did we create forseti? ✤ It was 2013

    and there was no UI for Autoscaling in AWS. ✤ Other tools were too overkill for us. ✤ We wanted something small, quick and for CLI. ✤ We wanted to play around with AWS API :)
  15. ticketea deploy_and_snapshot deployer 1. Stops any autoscaling process. 2. It

    relies in other tools to deploy your app. (ansible) 3. Choose a random instance to create an AMI. 4. Setup the autoscaling group, policies and alarms.
  16. ticketea Any other thing? ✤ It has other commands: i.

    status ii. regenerate iii. list iv. clean