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Full-duplex cloud app with WebSocket

Full-duplex cloud app with WebSocket

Slide from my talk "Full-duplex cloud app with WebSocket" at pragma conference 2013(http://pragmamark.org/eventi/pragma-conference-2013/#speakers_hook) about how to create iOS app that communicate in full-duplex way with the cloud (using WebSocket and socket.io)

Code: https://github.com/lukabernardi/RealtimeLocation

Luca Bernardi

October 29, 2013

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 we are functioning 

    with cloud app” “Mobile is not Different” https://vimeo.com/61044805
  2. Meet WebSocket ! Independent TCP-based protocol that enables bidirectional, message-oriented

    streaming of text and binary data between client and server.
  3. Server side [JS/Node.js] Socket.io (http://socket.io) [Python] Tornado (http:// www.tornadoweb.org) [Ruby]

    em-websocket (https:// github.com/igrigorik/em-websocket) [Objective-C] RockemSockem (https:// github.com/joshaber/RockemSockem) http://www.pusher.com http://www.pubnub.com https://www.hydna.com Comprehensive of realtime web technologies: https://github.com/leggetter/realtime-web-technologies-guide/blob/master/guide.md Self-Hosted Hosted
  4. Heartbeat By sending a heartbeat at a predetermined interval the

    client informs the server 
 that it's still there.