Swisscom API Journey #3 - The API-Kitchen, Scaled & Agile!

Swisscom API Journey #3 - The API-Kitchen, Scaled & Agile!

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Again – we do not want to provide a classical enterprise success story. We want you to join us on our stormy journey to API Nirvana. Treat it as an invitation to share non-competitive insights between enterprises. You’re very, very welcome! *
In contrast to #1 and #2, references to API's are somewhat rare in this issue. Most of our past problems were caused by the way we were organized, the way we shared responsibilities and the way we tried to be Agile. In this issue, we will show how we morphed from a scrumified-water- fall-factory into high performing Agile Squads.
Zurich, October ‘15 - Kay Lummitsch


The Digital Journeyman

November 08, 2018