The Swisscom API Journey #2 - ... it still requires changing our digital DNA

The Swisscom API Journey #2 - ... it still requires changing our digital DNA

What happened so far ...
Seriously – The Swisscom API journey #1 raised more questions than it answered. How could such a small book be so successful?
1100 printed copies, over 2500 views on Slideshare, countless downloads and so many positive comments from all over the world.
Awesome! That exceeded our highest expectations!
Edition #1 led to various discussions and showed that many enterprises are facing the same problems, even if the Powerpoint presentations are sometimes telling a different story.
Answering the initial question – We made great progress. Currently, we’ve exposed more than thirty APIs consumed by internal departments and completely changed our team set-up.
2015 is meant to be ‘The year of proof’.
We’re supposed to show that our elephant is finally able to dance.
I’ve often been encouraged to work on a second edition – so, today we’re happy to present you The Swisscom API journey #2 – A deeper view
Thanks to all of you!
~ Kay Lummitsch – March ‘15


The Digital Journeyman

November 08, 2018