The Four Components of High Performing Teams

The Four Components of High Performing Teams

Do you have a great team & a great mission but don't understand why the pace of delivery is so slow? Architecture & tech stack is only one part of the story.

I believe high performing teams need four things to be effective:

Mastery - The skills & knowledge needed to do a great job, and a clear path to get to the next level.
Autonomy - The space to figure out their own solution to a problem & how they want to work
Purpose - A clear sense of direction, and the knowledge of how what they’re working on fits into the big picture & helps their team succeed.
Safety - A team that is afraid won’t take risks or experiment, a team that is afraid of finger-pointing won’t learn from mistakes.

In this talk I explain why those four things are key to teams being successful and give examples of how I’ve turned teams around by fixing the lack of one or more of them.


Lisa van Gelder

August 23, 2019