Great Caching Disasters! (and how to avoid them)

Great Caching Disasters! (and how to avoid them)


Lisa van Gelder

July 03, 2015


  1. Great Caching Disasters!!! And how to avoid them.

  2. About me Lisa van Gelder VP of Engineering at Stride @techbint
  3. The case of the disappearing website

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  5. Lessons • If caching is important, monitor it! • Never

    build a cache invalidation system
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  7. Keep caching simple

  8. Cache for the smallest amount of time you can get

    away with
  9. So we built a 3-day cache

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  12. Fix your sql! Don’t cover up terrible queries with caching.

  13. Cache for 1 minute

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  16. Only cache static content

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  18. Caching should be automatic

  19. Epilogue

  20. Lessons • Cache for 1 minute • Cache static content

    • Never build a clear cache system!* * Unless you are a cdn