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Real Life Dart

Real Life Dart


June 30, 2013

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  1. Yehor Lvivski @lvivski github: lvivski

  2. Real Life Dart

  3. Front End

  4. None
  5. HTML CSS JavaScript Flexbox Regions WAI-ARIA SVG Variables Grid Page

    Visibility User Media Filesystem HTML Media
  6. asm.js

  7. Fantom Fay Roy Ralph TypeScript Elm Objective-J Amber ClojureScript

  8. None
  9. class-based single inheritance object-oriented

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  13. None
  14. It’s not a syntax sugar

  15. Standalone VM Browser integrated VM dart2js Compiler

  16. Quart jQuery Start Sinatra, Express Hart HAML, Slim, Jade Archer

    Quickcheck Gloss Less, SASS, Stylus Speaker PeerJS, WebRTC.io!
  17. Coding time!

  18. Links •  h#p://www.dartlang.org! •  h#p://github.com/dart6lang/web6ui! •  h#p://github.com/lvivski! – speaker,!start,!hart,!gloss,!quart,!archer! Thanks