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MediaHackDays Keynote

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May 02, 2014

MediaHackDays Keynote

Presented at MediaHackDays on May 2, 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark. Download the PDF to get access to the links embedded in these slides.



May 02, 2014


  1. MediaHackDays Keynote Aarhus, Denmark May 2, 2014

  2. @MacDiva Hello! I’m Chrys Wu

  3. Journalist Strategist Coder Consigliere

  4. • Robot Film Festival • Write/Speak/Code • Hacks/Hackers

  5. Journalist Strategist Coder “Consigliere”

  6. Pulitzer Prize!

  7. Chrys Wu,@MacDiva Developer Advocate, The New York Times

  8. Chrys Wu,@MacDiva Developer Advocate, The New York Times ‽

  9. Chrys Wu @MacDiva

  10. I solve problems. I help people.

  11. Journalist Strategist Coder “Consigliere” Tell me about you.

  12. What’s happening in digital journalism

  13. The Great Urban Hack (2010)

  14. None
  15. Still relevant

  16. Infographic! My photo/Flickr

  17. Tell-all Telephone (Lesson: Leave your mobile phone at home)

  18. Bonus: Watch the TED Talk

  19. Época: Diagrama: 298 anos de falação (Diagram: 298 years of

  20. Bonus: Learn from Alberto Cairo

  21. The Guardian’s Brick-by-Brick series Behind the scenes

  22. The Guardian’s Brick-by-Brick series Usain Bolt wins gold in 100m

  23. NPR’s Planet Money makes a T-shirt

  24. New York Times APIs Free for you to use:

  25. Metadata+ Tracks reported U.S. drone strikes (iTunes download)

  26. VOID Concept magazine (Read more about it…)

  27. Today’s Guardian Made with the Guardian API

  28. • Read more about the game Fantasy Geopolitics Made with

    New York Times APIs
  29. Bonus: Learn from the WNYC Data News team

  30. Team Blinky Fun hacks for all of us

  31. Make John Keefe’s Mood Cube (Click to get the code)

  32. What could happen in the future

  33. Text Subtext This was once the future…

  34. Text Subtext This is in our (near) future…

  35. DATA The future foretold in 1930!

  36. Text Subtext The future comes in baby steps and long,

    slow leaps. Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr
  37. Design for somebody. Feed your curiosity. Happy hacking.

  38. Bonus: Get a free technical ebook from O’Reilly Media

  39. Chrys Wu @MacDiva • Estratega Digital, Periodista y “Coder” •

    Guardiana global de Hacks/Hackers • Organizadora de Hacks/Hackers NYC • y otros roles… Thank you.