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Free and Low-Cost Tools for Data Visualization

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April 26, 2014

Free and Low-Cost Tools for Data Visualization

Presented at the Alaska Press Club annual conference. Download the PDF to access the embedded links.



April 26, 2014


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  10. OK, Google…

  11. Google FusionTables • How to get a photo into your

    Info Window • Find inspiration
  12. Who likes maps? Image from University of Texas Libraries Perry-Castañeda

    Library Map Collection
  13. TileMill How to use it

  14. A gentle guide… For the visual learners among us, thanks

    to Lisa Williams.
  15. Story MapJS • Learn how to use it • Find

  16. Get more tools from Knight Lab… Easy to use and

    designed by and for journalists. Be sure to check out: • TimelineJS • SoundCite
  17. Charts! So useful! Example charts from jQuery Sparklines

  18. Chartbuilder No-code charts • Serve your own • Use it

    now • See an example
  19. Why Quartz made it… Read all about Chartbuilder on Nieman

    Journalism Lab.
  20. For when you don’t have Excel… LibreOffice free and open

    source suite: • Word processor • Spreadsheets • Presentations/Slides • Drawing/Flowcharting • Database + Frontend • Math (Yes, math.)
  21. DataWrapper • Really learn how to use it • Get

  22. Chartlets Works on mobile! • Install it • Learn about

  23. Data Housekeeping Image by Cherrypatter/Flickr

  24. TabulaPDF Turns PDFs to CSVs • Really learn how to

    use it • Get started
  25. OpenRefine Clean and examine data • So many tutorials…

  26. Mr. People • Install it on your own • Try

    it online Simplifies name cleanup ? ? ? ? ?
  27. Mr. Data Converter • Install it on your own computer

    • Try it online Turns Excel data into web-friendly files
  28. You can do even more with code! So worth it

    to learn!
  29. Sheetsee.js Turn Google Spreadsheets into searchable data

  30. D3.js Create interactive data-driven visualizations Start learning with “Interactive Data

    Visualization for the Web” by Scott Murray
  31. Scraping tools Outwit Hub (Standalone + Firefox plugin) • Michelle

    Minkoff & Chris Keller’s Web Scraping Without Programming (Outwit Hub) tutorial Table Capture (Chrome plugin) Socially responsible screen scraping An intro to screen scraping with Ruby
  32. Data Journalism Syllabi • Learn more from university courses all

    over the U.S. Image by @matylda/Flickr
  33. Bonus! • Get a free technical ebook from O’Reilly Media

  34. Thank you.