You Be You

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June 06, 2015

You Be You

Presented at the Canadian Association of Journalists annual conference, CAJ15.



June 06, 2015


  1. You Be You CAJ15

  2. Hello! I’m Chrys Wu @MacDiva

  3. Chrys Wu @MacDiva Developer Advocate The New York Times

  4. Chrys Wu @MacDiva Developer Advocate The New York Times Photo:

    Matt Haughey/Flickr cc2.0
  5. Part of the Technology group (seen here) Photo: Tony Cenicola/The

    New York Times
  6. “We build the roads on which the newsroom throws its

    parades.” Platforms, tools, apps, engines, services & APIs that make it all possible…
  7. Web Platform

  8. Apps NYTimes app (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry)

  9. NYTimes Games

  10. Products NYT Now (iOS)

  11. Products

  12. Services for example:

  13. Learn more about our work (including how we get computers

    to read New York Times recipes)
  14. This is your portal to infinite possibility.

  15. How do I approach this story? ?

  16. A little inspiration… Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

  17. People love quizzes, especially those that tell them something about

    themselves. Our most-read online item in 2013
  18. The heat map on the left is informative — and

    keeps people motivated to answer all 25 questions. By Josh Katz and Wilson Andrews of The New York Times
  19. Find ways to involve your audience in the story.

  20. Let people examine their assumptions. By Gregor Aisch, Amanda

    Cox and Kevin Quealy of The New York Times
  21. So what can you “steal”? This is where GitHub becomes

    your friend.
  22. Many news organizations — The New York Times included —

    make code, tools and guides available for others to use.
  23. Take a look at the Mother Jones quiz generator (uses

    Google Spreadsheets) motherjones/newsquiz
  24. See the news quiz generator in action. apology-quiz

  25. People have shared solutions that make it easier to work

    together. People with lots of code experience have made tools that allow those with little code experience to get a story out faster.
  26. ArchieML — you can use this! By Michael Strickland, Archie

    Tse and Matthew Ericson of The New York Times Made to “make it easier to write and edit structured text on deadline that could be rendered in web pages, or more specifically, rendered in interactive graphics.”
  27. ai2html — you can use this! By Archie Tse of

    The New York Times “ai2html is an open-source script for Adobe Illustrator that converts your Illustrator documents into html and css.”
  28. Chartbuilder — you can use this! By David Yanofsky of

    Quartz Try it: Get the code: Chartbuilder
  29. Newshound — you can use this! By JP Robinson of

    The New York Times Try it: Get the code:
  30. Newshound aggregates breaking news email alerts. By JP Robinson of

    The New York Times Try it: Get the code:
  31. Be awesome. And thank you for inviting me.