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Demystifying Design for Developers

Manish Chiniwalar
November 04, 2014

Demystifying Design for Developers

Manish Chiniwalar

November 04, 2014

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  1. Demystifying Design for Developers Manish Chiniwalar - Product Manager, Multunus

    Software | Manoj Mani Nair, PGDPD, National Institute of Design
  2. Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed here are solely my

    own and do not necessarily represent the views of National Institute of Design or any of my previous employers.
  3. Agenda 1 Why, What & How of Design 2 Design

    Process Micro-Workshop 3 Usability & Validating your design + Pursuing Design
  4. Myth #1 User Experience Design? Oh you mean User Interface

    Design! Reality User Experience Design User Interface Design
  5. Myth #2 UX is just another step to make a

    better product Reality UX is a Process UX is Iterative
  6. Myth #3 User Experience? That’s the Designer’s job. Reality Organization

    Design Ideally… Organization-wide design centric culture makes everything about the product much better. Much more than any individual designer or team.
  7. Myth #4 User Experience is just about listening to the

    user. Reality User Needs Business Goals
  8. Then What Is UX Design? User Research Brainstorming User Interface

    Design Prototyping Usability Testing Design Process Personas Scenarios Interaction Design Visual Design Information Design Information Architecture Customer Journey Map Customer Value Storytelling Typography User Centric Design Minimum Viable Product Design Management Data Visualization Design Thinking Empathy Experience Design
  9. Resources Wireframing Pen and Paper Gliffy Powerpoint or Keynote Prototyping

    POP - Mobile Designs MarvelApp InvisionApp Proto.io Online User Testing peek.usertesting.com