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RUDN University Hackathon Moscow: Intelligence-as-a-Service with Cognitive Services

Manuel Meyer
November 10, 2018

RUDN University Hackathon Moscow: Intelligence-as-a-Service with Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services give us developers the power to do incredible things with a few lines of code. Microsoft published the fruits of over 30 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence as a collection of APIs. The APIs are bundled up by topics such as face-, and text recognition, translations or search. Interesting public showcases are the Captionbot (https://www.captionbot.ai), a website that can figure out the content of an image or http://how-old.net/, a tool that can figure out the gender and age from the people on a photograph. In this session, we go through the APIs and their capabilities, find out how to get started and take a look at some fascinating demos.

Manuel Meyer

November 10, 2018

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    COPENHAGEN LAUSANNE MUNICH STUTTGART VIENNA ZURICH Intelligence-as-a-Service An Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services Manuel Meyer, Trivadis AG http://manuelmeyer.net @manumeyer1
  2. About me… Consultant & Trainer for .NET MVP for Visual

    Studio & Dev. Tools C#/XAML, Integration, Azure, Troubleshooting & Performance Management www.azurezurichusergroup.com www.dotnetday.ch www.swissangular.com Manuel Meyer www.manuelmeyer.net @manumeyer1
  3. Agenda 1. Overview 2. The APIs 3. Applications

  4. Overview

  5. Azure Cognitive Services Over 20 APIs REST-based Pay-as-you-go Start for

  6. Roll your own with REST APIs Simple to add: just

    a few lines of code required Integrate into the language and platform of your choice Breadth of offerings helps you find the right API for your app Built by experts in their field from Microsoft Research, Bing, and Azure Machine Learning Quality documentation, sample code, and community support Easy Flexible Tested GET A KEY
  7. Cognitive Services Use Cases Source: Jennifer Marsman https://twitter.com/jennifermarsman

  8. Intelligent Kiosk https://github.com/Microsoft/Cognitive-Samples-IntelligentKiosk

  9. The APIs Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge, Search

  10. Vision API

  11. Cognitive Services Apps

  12. Face API Explorer 1. Keys: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive- services/ 2. 2. Face

    API Documentation – https://westus.dev.cognitive.microsoft.com/docs/services/563879b6 1984550e40cbbe8d/operations/563879b61984550f30395236 3. Face API Console West US – https://westus.dev.cognitive.microsoft.com/docs/services/563879b6 1984550e40cbbe8d/operations/563879b61984550f30395236/cons ole
  13. Speech API

  14. Language API

  15. Knowledge API

  16. Search API

  17. Q&A Maker https://qnamaker.ai/

  18. Applications

  19. Seeing AI App "Seeing AI" from Saqib Shaik Speak about

    surroundings Read Text https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=R2mC-NUAmMk&t=12s See4Me https://github.com/DotNetToscana/See4Me Credits: https://twitter.com/marcominerva/
  20. Getting Started with Cognitive Services Free credits! – https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/sign-up http://portal.azure.com

    – New -> Cognitive Services API, Select API, Get Key https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/face- api/documentation/overview
  21. Thank You! Manuel Meyer (manuel.meyer@trivadis.com) www.manuelmeyer.net @manumeyer1