Testable - A gamified tool to improve unit test teaching

Ed39ca0d44a6e6cdefc76ac548de5f41?s=47 Marabesi
October 30, 2019

Testable - A gamified tool to improve unit test teaching

Due the evolving complexity of software development, professionals in the field increasingly need to master different phases of the software development process, including the testing phase.

In this sense, software testing has its place in undergraduate courses, but the literature points out that due attention and importance is not given by students and the academic curriculum. One of the possible causes that can be cited is the way this content is offered, which is usually part of a Software Engineering discipline, perceived by students as boring and not important to their career.

In this sense, this paper aims to propose Testable, a gamified tool for learning software testing, aimed at increasing student engagement.



October 30, 2019