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Persisting Data on Android with SQLite & Content Provider

by Margaret Maynard-Reid

Published December 3, 2015 in Technology

AnDevCon talk on 12/03/2015

Have you been avoiding SQLite DB and Content Provider because they look complicated? This class will teach you how to persist data with SQLite Database, why write a Content Provider, as well as how to access a Content Provider with a CursorLoader. From the class you will learn:

• How to create the classes to define your database schema, tables and columns
• How to exam your database schema and tables, query the data with SQLite3 (command line) and SQLite Browser (GUI).
• Concepts related to the Content Provider such as Content Authority, Uri, Content Type, and ContentResolver etc.
• How to write your own Content Provider and access a Content Provider
• Some libraries that make it easier to work with SQLite and Content Provider

Link to talk recording: https://youtu.be/9Ias8Tp-yGI