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SpringOne 2020 - Bootiful Spring Tooling for the Masses

SpringOne 2020 - Bootiful Spring Tooling for the Masses


Martin Lippert

September 02, 2020


  1. Spring Tools 4 Bootiful Spring Tooling for the Masses September

    2–3, 2020 springone.io 1
  2. Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline the

    general direction of VMware's offerings. It is intended for information purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. Any information regarding pre-release of VMware offerings, future updates or other planned modifications is subject to ongoing evaluation by VMware and is subject to change. This information is provided without warranty or any kind, express or implied, and is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions regarding VMware's offerings. These purchasing decisions should only be based on features currently available. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for VMware's offerings in this presentation remain at the sole discretion of Pivotal. Pivotal has no obligation to update forward looking information in this presentation. 2
  3. Spring Tools 4 Built for modern application development based on

    Spring Boot deep understanding of your Spring code super quick navigation / overviews easy getting started experience unique combination of source code and runtime information 3 https://spring.io/tools
  4. Spring Tools 4 Most comprehensive + most widely used completely

    free Spring Tooling fully open-source freely available ready-to-use distributions plugins for existing tools 4 https://spring.io/tools
  5. Spring Tools 4 5 desktop-class IDEs lightweight editors cloud-based tools

    Eclipse Visual Studio Code Theia runs on https://spring.io/tools
  6. Spring Tools 4 6 Built on a modern foundation Language

    Server Protocol https://microsoft.github.io/language-server-protocol/ implemented as a "language" server for Spring open to all kind of environments and "clients"
  7. Live Demo

  8. Still have Spring XML config? 8

  9. Outlook 9

  10. Outlook Spring Tools 4 • shipping updates about every 4

    weeks • always on top of the latest versions (Eclipse, VSCode, Theia) Spring Tool Suite 3.9.x • still receives minimal maintenance updates • EOL soon – we need your feedback – what is missing in Spring Tools 4? 10
  11. Stay Connected. Conference Slack #session-spring-tools-4-bootiful-spring-tooling-for-the-masses https://spring.io/tools https://github.com/spring-projects/sts4 @springtools4 Martin Lippert

    @martinlippert lippertm@vmware.com #springone @springone