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Wicked Bad Ruby

Wicked Bad Ruby

Bad code doesn't exist, but code quality is a real and hard issue to address.
Presentation given at Wicked Good Ruby Boston 2012

Matt Aimonetti

October 12, 2013

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  1. Avdi Grimm “the messiest, nastiest big-ball-of-mud code I have seen

    in my entire career has been in Rails projects.”
  2. Matt Van Horn “I once saw a Rails controller over

    3KLOC long with 500 line create and update methods that were 85% cut & pasted from each other.”
  3. name “Code is neither good or evil, but only a

    place for good and evil” Caesar Marcus “coder” Aurelius
  4. • fast iterations • level of confidence • robustness •

    syntax beauty • abstraction level • simplicity • known patterns • performance • limited dependencies • test first • learning curve
  5. Amy Hoy “If you try to dictate to other people

    what their values should be, you’re an asshole”