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Leadership at WRK - Instilling a greener and cleaner mindset to web development.

Matt Wheeler
January 26, 2024

Leadership at WRK - Instilling a greener and cleaner mindset to web development.

Matt is the co-founder at madeby.studio - a specialist ethical digital agency crafting websites, applications & digital strategies that will transform your digital performance. He is also the co-founder of GreenTech Gathering.

Matt works with GreenTech companies to build websites and applications that empower people, addressing vital business and human needs.

He will be delving deep into the mindset and values around green software engineering.

Matt Wheeler

January 26, 2024


  1. Hi, I'm Matt Wheeler Co-Founder & Digital Director @ madeby.studio

    Instilling a greener and cleaner mindset to web development. @mattmultiplied @mattmultiplied
  2. We pride ourselves on our commitment to technical excellence, building

    digital solutions with sustainability & accessibility ingrained at every step of the process. High performing responsible websites.
  3. By 2025 internet use will account for ~7.4% of global

    greenhouse gas emissions. Energuide, 2020
  4. • • • • • • • Easy access to

    knowledge. Support to undertake training. Positive organisational reinforcement. The tools to measure green software metrics. Awareness of the importance of green software. Capacity to adopt the practices of green software. Accurate information about writing green software. It takes a whole shift in mindset and workflow.
  5. • • • • • • Alignment with values. Increase

    in software performance. Better code quality and maintainability. Employee fulfilment, happiness and impact. Cost reduction due to reduced energy consumption. Added value to software if considering investment/exits. When going top-down consider the following.
  6. • • • • • • Raising awareness between teams.

    Create a local group to share knowledge. Consider sustainability in sprint retrospectives. Cost reduction when following sustainable practises. Performance benefits when following sustainable practises. Integrate tools to provide numerical values on sustainability. Or you can take the grassroots approach.
  7. Bringing together real-life connections, ideas and insight from leaders, thinkers

    and change makers. Thursday 1st February 2024 links.greentechgathering.co.uk [email protected] Thursday 1st Feb 17:30-20:30 📍 Helix, University of Leeds, LS2 9JL (arrow.vibes.lush)
  8. Thank you for having me and enjoy your evening! Matt

    Wheeler I'll be posting a few resources and links on my Twitter & LinkedIn right after this talk! 🔔 @mattmultiplied Google Partner | Digital Enterprise Top 100 | Great British Entrepreneur Awards Finalist | Santander X Entrepreneurship Awards Nominee | Leeds Digital Festival Thrive Award Nominee | Santander X Global Awards 2021 UK Finalist | Yorkshire 42 Under 42 2022 @mattmultiplied