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This is from my breakout sessions at MivaCon 2015 named "Responsive Web Design: Bringing Your Site to the Masses"


Matt Zimmermann

March 26, 2015

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  1. Responsive Web Design: Bringing Your Site to the Masses Matt

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  6. ❏ Single Codebase ❏ Easier to Maintain ❏ Improved SEO

    and Better Conversion Tracking ❏ Visitors want Access to Your Site Wherever THEY Are - Jeffrey Veen
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  8. With the surge in usage of tablets and smartphones, the

    demand for mobile-friendly sites is higher than ever.
  9. ❏ Generally higher initial design and development cost ❏ The

    codebase may require advanced tweaking to make page loads faster ❏ Possibly more asset management needed
  10. Why Responsive Design Might Not Be Right For You

  11. ❏ Your site is fine on a tablet and you

    mobile traffic is basically non-existent. ❏ Your site content does not lend well to mobile devices. ❏ Your site is comprised of several, static systems making updating the layout very costly or just not feasible without re-platforming. ❏ You already have a mobile app. Why Responsive Design Might Not Be Right For You
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  13. ❏ Mobile-First...more importantly USERS first ❏ Large trigger areas ❏

    Hidden or off-canvas menus ❏ Use only necessary imagery, rely more on SVG or icons ❏ Optimize the UX for touch
  14. Miva ReadyThemes http://apps.miva.com/themes

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  16. Matt Zimmermann Follow me: @mivamatt @influxweb Slides: speakerdeck.com/mattz