L1Calo Offline Software Status

8231885873e2149e491d180073311049?s=47 Sasha Mazurov
June 06, 2016

L1Calo Offline Software Status


Sasha Mazurov

June 06, 2016


  1. L1Calo Offline Software Status Alexander Mazurov (on behalf of many

    people) L1Calo Joint Meeting, 06 June 2016
  2. Content • Athena releases • Issues and ToDo 2016-06-06 L1Calo

    Joint Meeting 2
  3. Athena Releases • Releases and validation update from the last

    Trigger General Meeting: https://indico.cern.ch/event/536681/contributions/2180807/attachments/1282880/1906740/Rele ases_and_Validation_TGM_2016_06_01.pdf • We contributed to the following Athena builds: • Monitoring: • 20.7.X.Y.Z,AtlasProd1: used only for trigger monitoring packages in reprocessing. • A new 20.11, AtlasProd1 base release to be built next week • P1MON (runs at P1): swapped from Tier0 validated packages • Edge: 21.X.Y-VAL DEV(VAL) • How to submit a tag, tests’ instructions: • https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/HowToSubmitATag • Check and FOLLOW UP (EMAIL) if you don’t get a response or see your tag included in the appropriate nightly 1-2 days later! • General instructions related to L1Calo monitoring: • https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/viewauth/Atlas/L1CaloMonitoringRun2 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 3
  4. New CMake Build Tool CMake is a replacement of cmt

    build tool. Don’t forget to test Cmake versions in the latest athena releases. 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 4
  5. Athena Releases: L1Calo Packages • P1MON now consistent with Tier0

    release. • New bundle is under test – merges latest changes from TrigT1CaloSim and TrigT1Intrfaces. Currently we propagate changes into two branches 1) for Tier0 and 3) 21.X.Y- VAL. This bundle allows us to use only one branch. 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 5
  6. Major changes since the last meeting • Implemented L1Topo xAOD

    decoders • Major tasks were related to bug fixing in the monitoring and calibration: • Monitoring: • Handling saturation values in CPM Tob ROI • Discrepancy between real-time path and readout for JEM Et Sums (fixed in the firmware) • PPM: for LutJep retrieve the scale parameter from the menu now, rather than the condition database. • Simulation / Data mismatches for Et Sums. The monitoring tool is not currently simulating the restricted eta ranges for the XE/TE triggers. It's creating the sums, but it is not applying the eta restrictions. • Calibration: • Calibration processing scripts • Ramp Maker • xAOD production 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 6
  7. L1Calo DQ Memory Consumption Issue • L1CaloMonManager is one of

    the top memory consumers • Mainly due to PPM profile histograms. Top consumers: • Need to find a solution: • Revise profile histograms • Remove unnecessary calculations of weighted errors (set Sumw2(false) in the histograms) 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 7
  8. L1Calo GitLab Group – “atlas-l1calo” • https://gitlab.cern.ch/groups/atlas-l1calo • It’s highly

    recommended to use atlas-l1calo for documentations, l1calo scripts. 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 8 • Members of atlas-lvl1-calo e-group can contribute to any projects in the atlas-l1calo gitlab group • Members of atlas-lvl1-calo-librarians can create projects for you: • Ivana Hristova • Murrough Landon • Sasha Mazurov • Or send request to atlas-lvl1-calo- librarians@cern.ch
  9. Monitoring: Weekly Meeting • We have a weekly on Wednesday

    at 11:00 on monitoring tasks. Can be used for asking other L1Calo offline software related issues. • Mailing list: atlas-lvl1-calo-monitoring 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 9 Observations from the monitoring histograms at Kate’s talk later today
  10. Issues and ToDo • Major tasks are related to bug

    fixing • To Do: • Monitoring: Fix Simulation/Data mismatches in JEM monitoring. • Calibration: update HV corrections tools and check energy reconstruction in Tile+L1Calo runs • CAF daemons are not finalized (need manpower) 2016-06-06 L1Calo Joint Meeting 10