Conventions' Publications

Conventions' Publications

First talk on the publications' service


Sasha Mazurov

May 20, 2014


  1. Conventions’ Publications Service & Web Prototype Sasha Mazurov 20 May

  2. Objectives 1.Create a web service to access information on Conventions’

    publications from M-Files application 2.Develop a web application based on the service that display the provided information to public
  3. M-Files Distributed Windows file system that allows to store additional

    properties (metadata) with the corresponding file. Properties: abstract, description, language, keywords, publication date, …
  4. Publication A set of M-File objects with the same Un-number

    property • Each of this files differs by language and file format. Language specific properties are translated. • This set have common properties. For example, keywords, programmes, chemicals.
  5. Properties • Name or title (file name) • Title •

    Description – (short description in English) or Abstract/Summary • Language – value list • Programme/Subject Matter (related internal programme) – value list multi select • Corporate Author • Author(s) • Web Published • Chemical – value list multi select • Pages (number of) • PublicationDate-Year; PublicationDate-Month; PublicationDateDisplay • Publication Symbol (should contain ISBN or equivalent) • UN-number • Terms (equivalent of keywords) – value list multi select
  6. Web service Based on OData standard which allows developers to

    read publication’s information and use it in other applications.
  7. Architecture M-Files Synchronization Application Database Web Service Web Application

  8. Database schema Generic properties solution: don’t need to change schema

    for adding new M-Files properties
  9. Aggregates information from M-Files application and stores it in database

    User configuration (App.config): Connection String (path to database): <connectionStrings> <add name="PublicationsContext" connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDB)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename=f:\sasha\ConventionsPublications\Sync\Data\Publications.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> </connectionStrings> Configure what properties to store in database: <appSettings file="PrivateSettingsUnep.config"> <add key="MFilesView" value="Web publications" /> <add key="PublicationProperties" value="Programme/Subject Matter;Chemical;Keyphrases"/> <add key="LangPublicationProperties" value="Name or title;Title;Description;Author(s);Corporate Author;Pages (number of);Publication Symbol;PublicationDateDisplay"/> <add key="DefaultLanguage" value="English"/> </appSettings> Synchronization Application
  10. Web application prototype

  11. Issues • Each Convention has separate set of properties. Usually

    the properties with the same meaning in different conventions has the same names (titles), but some of them not. For example: “Chemical”, “Chemicals”, “All chemical”; “Keywords”, “Keyphrases”. For convenience, these names should be unified in all conventions.
  12. Summary • The following tools were developed ( • Generic

    database schema for storing information from M-Files • Application for synchronizing M-Files and database • OData web service to read information from database • Prototype of the web application. Next: Create a web application for the existing UNEP portal in collaboration with designer.