Android U+2764 (❤) Emoji

Android U+2764 (❤) Emoji

Everyone 😍 Emoji. They’re everywhere nowadays -- July 17th is World 🌎 Emoji Day, Oxford Dictionaries 📖 have an Emoji of the Year, and there was even a REAL MOVIE 🎥 made about them. Have you ever wondered 🤔 where they come from and how are they made, or why your iPhone-toting📱 friends keep sending you � in their messages?

In this 💬, we’ll:

* ⏳ Review the origins of Emoji and how they work

* 🔎 Find tips and tricks to best handle Unicode

* 👀 Look under the hood of the Emoji-Compat support library

* 🎓 Learn how to make sure users never see � again


Michael Evans

August 28, 2018