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GAFFTA Visualizing and Mapping Data, Day Three

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February 15, 2012

GAFFTA Visualizing and Mapping Data, Day Three



February 15, 2012


  1. Visualizing and Mapping Data Michal Migurski & Shawn Allen, Stamen

    Design GAFFTA February 2012 http://sta.mn/vvg
  2. Day Three: Cartography

  3. None
  4. sta.mn/pm

  5. sta.mn/mf

  6. mapy.cz

  7. sta.mn/k8

  8. http://sta.mn/mj

  9. http://sta.mn/mj

  10. http://sta.mn/xt

  11. http://sta.mn/xt

  12. None
  13. Projection Flattening the globe onto a flat screen

  14. Latitude, Longitude

  15. A sphere tears when you flatten it

  16. http://sta.mn/y9p There are interesting ways to tear spheres

  17. http://xkcd.com/977

  18. None
  19. Projections usually have a home

  20. http://sta.mn/tw3 Projections are usually designed for paper

  21. http://sta.mn/59m Surveyors usually prefer cartesian math

  22. Three example ways to categorize projections…

  23. Azimuthal Preserves direction

  24. Equal-Area Preserves area

  25. Conformal Preserves local shapes

  26. Spherical Mercator is ubiquitous on the web—why?

  27. One notable interesting way to tear a sphere

  28. None
  29. http://sta.mn/y9p

  30. http://sta.mn/24j

  31. Scale How big is your map?

  32. This is not “scale”

  33. Scale is an idea imported from print

  34. Choose the right content at different scales

  35. Four maps, same area

  36. Generalizing shapes

  37. http://sta.mn/y2d Shapes change at different scales

  38. Data Where data for maps comes from

  39. Natural Earth Data naturalearthdata.com

  40. …for small to medium scales

  41. OpenStreetMap openstreetmap.org

  42. http://sta.mn/kk …for large scales…

  43. http://sta.mn/66 …and things mapped by no one else.

  44. http://sta.mn/vc

  45. http://sta.mn/fy

  46. None
  47. None
  48. None
  49. Nodes, Ways

  50. Tags “You can use any tags you like as long

    as the values are verifiable. However, there is a benefit in agreeing to a recommended set of features and corresponding tags.” — http://sta.mn/st
  51. http://sta.mn/j9

  52. Follow along… http://sta.mn/vvg