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The Digital Bucket List for People in the Web

Mike Street
September 22, 2016

The Digital Bucket List for People in the Web

or "Everyone needs a little bit on the side" #mikeswankytalktitle


CSS Frameworks are like sex: http://goo.gl/nylH0d
The background css property: http://goo.gl/A8UNRD
Your first PR: https://yourfirstpr.github.io/
Lego device lab: https://www.liquidlight.co.uk/blog/article/using-lego-to-build-a-device-lab/

Mike Street

September 22, 2016

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  1. The Digital Bucket List for People in the Web @mikestreety

  2. Hello. @mikestreety

  3. Mike Street Front-end developer at Liquid Light Co-founder of Bytes

    (@)mikestreety on everything @mikestreety
  4. @mikestreety

  5. @mikestreety

  6. The Digital Bucket List for People in the Web @mikestreety

  7. A <ul> for web folk & how to make yourself

    better @mikestreety
  8. 12 Things Every Person in the Web MUST Do This

    Weekend. @mikestreety
  9. 12 Things Every Person in the Web MUST Do This

    Weekend. Number 9 Will BLOW YOUR MIND. @mikestreety
  10. No. Just No. @mikestreety

  11. Your mission: @mikestreety

  12. Your mission: Can we get Mike a less “up-his-own-arse” talk

    title? @mikestreety
  13. Your mission: Can we get Mike a less “up-his-own-arse” talk

    title? @mikestreety
  14. Your mission: Can we get Mike a less wanky talk

    title? #mikeswankytalktitle @mikestreety
  15. It is a list of things which have got me

    where I am You do not have to do everything or anything on this list. This is just something to inspire you. and make you better at your job (hopefully) @mikestreety
  16. Build a CSS Framework @mikestreety

  17. 1. Build it 2. Use it 3. Use it again

    4. Delete it all 5. Build it again 6. Use it again 7. Make it better 8. GOTO 6. @mikestreety
  18. CSS Frameworks are like sex Building a CSS framework is

    like having sex: everyone should at least do it once but once you have, you don’t need to brag about it, Everyone thinks theirs is the best and everyone is embarrassed by their first attempt. http:/ /goo.gl/nylH0d @mikestreety
  19. How does it help? Gives you experience in building a

    large scale site. You'll write better CSS for everything trying to write CSS for all @mikestreety
  20. Write a blog post about something you don’t understand @mikestreety

  21. Blog post ideas • Flexbox • PHP Includes • SCSS

    Mixins • Ruby • HAML • SVG • The background css property (http:/ /goo.gl/A8UNRD) @mikestreety
  22. How does it help? You expand your knowledge. You learn

    things better when you have to explain something to other people. @mikestreety
  23. Put on an event or meet up @mikestreety

  24. How does it help? • Meet new people. • Face

    new challenges • Kicks your organisational skills into gear • Gives you something else to worry about focus on • Forces human interaction @mikestreety
  25. Read some documentation @mikestreety

  26. SCSS is_superselector($super, $sub) is-superselector(".foo", ".foo.bar") => true is-superselector(".foo.bar", ".foo") =>

    false is-superselector(".bar", ".foo .bar") => true is-superselector(".foo .bar", ".bar") => false @mikestreety
  27. SCSS unique_id Returns a unique CSS identifier which is different

    every time. body::before { content: '#{unique_id()}'; } body::before { content: "uu1tw78zv"; } @mikestreety
  28. How does it help? Makes you a better developer as

    you learn new things. You find new ways to solve problems @mikestreety
  29. Build a HTML email @mikestreety

  30. How does it help? Makes you realise where we came

    from Gives you new problems to solve with code @mikestreety
  31. Contribute to or make an open source project @mikestreety

  32. Contribute Raise an issue Suggest ideas Suggest patches Make a

    pull request1 1 https:/ /yourfirstpr.github.io @mikestreety
  33. What kind of thing can you make? • A jQuery

    plugin • A NPM module • Some reusable code like a map plugin • A Bower package • A composer package • Anything! @mikestreety
  34. How does it help? You give back to the community

    that you borrow from. People make pull requests, people make your code better. You learn how to make code better. @mikestreety
  35. Do some DIY @mikestreety

  36. @mikestreety

  37. @mikestreety

  38. @mikestreety

  39. How does it help? Gets you away from the screen.

    Gives you something physical to build. @mikestreety
  40. Pick up an arduino & and LED and make it

    blink @mikestreety
  41. How does it help? It helps you understand machine code

    a bit more. Your code in the real world. @mikestreety
  42. Buy a Raspberry Pi @mikestreety

  43. Using a Raspberry Pi 1. Buy it 2. Install Raspbian

    & set up 3. Download and run your first script 4. Break Raspbian 5. Reinstall Raspbian & set up 6. Don't run that last script 7. Install Node...or something 8. Repeat! @mikestreety
  44. How does it help? Improves knowledge of Linux systems Gives

    you a safe place to practice command line Safe environment to run scripts to see if they work @mikestreety
  45. Do something pointless with the web @mikestreety

  46. @mikestreety

  47. @mikestreety

  48. Do something pointless with the web @mikestreety

  49. Some ideas • A shoe tracker app for your own

    shoes • A web app that tells you what tv to watch based on your twitter timeline • An app that looks at supermarket websites and will tell you where the cheapest salmon is • A web based lava lamp. • A photo booth style app @mikestreety
  50. How does it help? Try new technologies Try new methodologies

    Try new tools Try new processes @mikestreety
  51. Have a side project @mikestreety

  52. @mikestreety

  53. @mikestreety

  54. @mikestreety

  55. If you are paid to do it, it is not

    a side project @mikestreety
  56. If you make money from it, it is a great

    side project @mikestreety
  57. Just Remember @mikestreety

  58. @mikestreety

  59. #mikeswankytalktitle @mikestreety @mikestreety