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SCSS vs Less - the Face-off

B4ee0784664543f5f9b6faf07c5c9499?s=47 Mike Street
November 11, 2013

SCSS vs Less - the Face-off

A presentation with benefits for switching from Less to SCSS


Mike Street

November 11, 2013


  1. Scss vs Less You decide...

  2. Variables Scss Less Draw

  3. Mixins Scss Less Winner

  4. Using Mixins Scss Less Draw

  5. Readability Scss Less Winner

  6. Extend Scss Less Winner

  7. Learning Scss Less Winner

  8. Moving on...

  9. Mixin ifs/where Scss Less Winner

  10. Loops Scss Less Winner

  11. Bonus! Source Map Scss Less Winner

  12. Scss And the winner is? A presentation by Mike Street

    (@mikestreety) Less framework: Scss framework: