Fundamental analysis forms a basic in Forex trading. Similar to trading of stocks, there are several tools that are used to gauge the entry and exit points in Forex trading. It is the science of analyzing various fundamental data about a country and the currency to determine its future course.

Fundamental analysis takes into consideration a couple of factors about the country whose currency is in question. The factors happen to be the economic, social and political events. Furthermore, fundamental analysis delves deep into factors such as the GDP, economic growth rate of the concerned country, inflation, employment environment, fiscal deficits as well as economic reforms.

While the factors that are considered in the fundamental analysis may seem to be overwhelming, still the reality is that these are the foundational elements of any country. It is these aspects that determine the immediate economic, social and political future of a country and hence impacts the currency accordingly. Knowing that the objective of fundamental analysis is to study the present and anticipated events to judge the slope of a currency, it is easier to understand why it is a basic trading how to tool for all aspiring traders.

Just to illustrate a little on how this process works and is integral to Forex trading, we shall look at a few fundamental factors of a country and its impact on the respective currencies.

If a country is set to take up some economic reforms that would open up the markets for greater investments then the economy is likely to grow. Such factors would invariably appreciate the currency. Hence when fundamental analysis foresees legislations of such economic reforms, it can indicate the entry and exit points of trading in that currency.

Unemployment levels play a huge role in determining the currency strength of a country vis-à-vis the global scenario. Unemployment is also reflective of the country's economic scenario hence it has an impact on the currency. Fundamental analysis would not only involve recording the present situation but also a forecast of the job markets. Knowing these nitty-gritty can help to determine the future course of action while trading with the specific country's currency.

The study of fundamentals in trading is a broad subject and it has several domains and sub domains. Similar to how a business goes around with its quarterly results and the stocks are dependent on industry news and announcements from the business along with its revenue and overall health, fundamental analysis of Forex is a study of a nation and its overall health.

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