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Deep Learning Labs #7 Warsaw

Deep Learning Labs #7 Warsaw

Deep Learning Labs #7 in Warsaw. An initiative by Nextgrid.ai to accelerate understanding & possibilities with deep-learning & reinforcement learning technologies.

Mathias Åsberg

February 22, 2020

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  1. Stable-baselines • Stable Baselines is a set of improved implementations

    of Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms based on OpenAI Baselines. • Main feature is unified interface for all models. • You are free to use other frameworks, but this one is the most user-friendly
  2. Grading Today the ranking includes the following tasks : •

    CartPole - 1 pt. • LunarLander - 4 pt. • Hopper - 6 pt. • HalfCheetah - 12 pt. • BipedalWalker - 24 pt. Extra 20% points to each task in case when team will make something special, like good presentation with insights or non-standard solution of the problem. We will maintain the leaderboard on our page.
  3. Submission You will have the link to the google form

    where you will need to send: • If you used stable-baselines .zip with a model and name of the algorithm used. • If you used smth else, send trained model and instruction how to extract actions from your policy