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Diving into Reactive: a live-coding adventure

Diving into Reactive: a live-coding adventure

Reactive programming offers developers a way to build message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive services...yet many developers don't know where to begin in order to leverage these capabilities. Spring and Project Reactor provide a great way to become immediately productive, going reactive from end to end.

In this live-coding adventure, you'll see you how to:

* integrate easily with existing Spring-stack technologies
* easily transition from blocking to reactive applications & systems
* define your API in an imperative style *and* functionally, reaping all benefits both ways
* leverage powerful new mechanisms to reduce blocking, improve testing, and increase scalability


Mark Heckler

November 19, 2019


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  4. @mkheck www.thehecklers.com –Rossen Stoyanchev, Project Reactor team “In a nutshell

    reactive programming is about non-blocking, event-driven applications that scale with a small number of threads with backpressure as a key ingredient that aims to ensure producers do not overwhelm consumers.”
  5. @mkheck www.thehecklers.com Reactive Streams: 4 interfaces Publisher<T> Subscriber<T> Subscription Processor<T,R>

  6. @mkheck www.thehecklers.com What else? Reactive database access RSocket Testing, debugging,

    blocking call identification (and more)
  7. @mkheck www.thehecklers.com Let’s code!

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  9. @mkheck www.thehecklers.com Resources https://github.com/mkheck/DIR http://www.reactive-streams.org https://projectreactor.io Thanks for coming, stay

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