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Muriel Maldonado


Are you a side sleeper but wakes up in the middle of your sleep or the morning with your arm or hand feeling numb or with tingling, sharp, and painful sensation? It is because you are probably sleeping on your side the wrong way.

Side-lying sleeping position is the most recommended sleeping position by the medical experts because it has several health benefits, especially sleeping on your left side. These benefits include the following:
• It helps aid digestion
• It helps reduce heartburn or acid reflux
• It helps improve brain health
• It helps reduce or alleviate snoring or sleep apnea
• It helps reduce joint and low back pain
Despite its benefits, some side sleepers are experiencing numbness, tingling, and sharp-stabbing pain on the arms, hands, and where the pressure spots are located when they sleep on their side. Sleeping in this position will put pressure on the arm or hand, causing you to feel the pins and needles sensation, as well as numbness.
Fortunately, there are ways to make a side-sleeping position more comfortable and healthier.

#1: Consider changing your old and firm mattress
Side sleepers shouldn’t use firm mattresses; instead, they should use the soft or medium-soft mattress. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can affect the quality of your sleep. Since most firm mattresses would resist compression, the body is unable to mold into the mattress and forces your spine to curve unnaturally, which puts pressure on the hips and legs.
Fortunately, choosing one of the very best mattresses for side sleepers is easy. One of the highlighted features of the ideal mattress for side sleepers that you need to look for is its firmness ranging from 5 to 6 – not too soft and not too firm.

#2: Place a thin pillow between your knees
Placing a thin pillow between your knees is one of the easiest ways to relieve the additional pressure placed on the pressure points. The additional pressure happens when the lower half of the body is unable to support the weight of the opposite side. Thus, placing a thin pillow between the knees helps support the weight while it straightens the hips to correct spinal alignment.
However, if you are using the right mattress, where your hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, placing your spine into correct alignment, you won’t be needing a pillow. At this source, you’ll find several reliable posts and product reviews for the best mattress designed for side sleepers.

#3: Choose a firmer pillow
While you view the website with the best mattresses for side sleepers, you might as well look for a firmer pillow. Using a firm and correct pillow height will keep you from hurting your shoulder and neck. Also, this will help promote correct spinal alignment.

#4: Hugging pillows
Placing more pillows incorrect positions will provide a more comfortable sleep. Hugging a pillow is one of the best ways to get comfortable when you sleep on your side. This will also help provide support on your chest and will help reduce the pressure placed on the pinned side of the body. Additionally, you may want to place another pillow behind your back for additional support.

#5: Do morning stretches
Sleeping on your side for more than 5 hours will put a strain on the shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, and even on your back. Doing a few stretches in the morning will help loosen your joints and increase blood flow in these areas.

#6: Never sleep on your arms
Placing your harms under your head as a pillow will cause pain and numbness on your shoulders and arms. Plus, it may cause head and spine misalignment.

Final Thoughts
It is okay to sleep on your side, but it is best to do it right.


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