Version Control System - Git

Version Control System - Git

Presentation on the types of Version Control Systems at Google IOExtended18 at Federal University of Technology, Minna. Niger State and the significance of the knowledge of Git in a software developer's workflow.



June 30, 2018


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    “You can never go wrong by investing in communities and

    the human beings within them. - Pam Moore 3
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    VERSION CONTROL SYSTEM ▰ Local Version Control System (RCS) -

    Copying of files from folder to folder ▰ Centralized Version Control System (CVS, Subversion, Perforce) – Borne out of the need for collaboration among developers and controlled by a single server. ▰ Distributed Version Control System (Git, Mercurial, Bazaar/Darcs) – Users have copies of same file and serve as backup.
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    GENESIS OF GIT ▰ Git was created in 2005 by

    Linus Trovalds after the fallout with BitKeeper and the developer community for the Linux Kernel.
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    STATES IN GIT WORKFLOW ▰ Modified – File has been

    changed but not committed. ▰ Staged – Modified file is marked to be included in the next commit. ▰ Committed – The data is safely stored in your local database.