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Choosing a Career

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May 14, 2020

Choosing a Career

An Online workshop tagged Tech Career Webinar hosted by Hello Word Hub. It gave me the opportunity to share my experience choosing a career in Information Technology as well as respond to questions about pre-requisites and software licensing.



May 14, 2020


  1. Choosing a Career Path

  2. Hello! I am Nnamdi Okoro CTO, Paritie LTD, Minna @nnamdei

  3. “Desire! That's the one secret of every man's career. Not

    education. Not being born with hidden talents. —Johnny Carson 3
  4. A Career is: ▸ An identity in a society. It

    indicates the type of work you are involved in/with ▸ Associated with social status linked with a designation at work and/or category of profession. ▸ A choice made by a person which: - May be life long - can be developed through work experience 4
  5. Some questions to consider ▸ What is an Ideal career?

    ▸ How can I choose a career? ▸ Can I seek help in decision making? 5
  6. An Ideal Career ▸ What they love the most ▸

    Must be good at the skill related to the work ▸ Must be able to pay well, sustain your interest and keep you motivated 6
  7. Choosing a Career ▸ What are my interests in life?

    ▸ What I want to be? ▸ What are my skills? ▸ What type of career aligns with my skills and interests? ▸ What I will be comfortable in doing as part of my work? 7
  8. Career Decision Making ▸ Having a career goal with a

    self rewarding experience. ▸ Prepare a workable career plan. ▸ Counselling sessions with professionals. 8
  9. RECAP ▸ Most careers need upfront investment of time, money

    and effort to acquire required knowledge and skills ▸ There are no perfect careers, you need to pick the best possible. ▸ If you make a wrong choice, be brave enough to change it in a controlled manner. ▸ Your self interest is very important in choosing a career. 9
  10. 10 Thanks! Any questions?