getBounds() : The Drawables Story

getBounds() : The Drawables Story

At Devoxx 2013, Cyril Mottier gave a great talk on Mastering Android Drawables. This talk goes in-depth on how to write your own custom drawables, and digs into the changes that were introduced into the Drawable API for Lollipop, the first major update to the Drawables class in a while.

We'll answer such questions as What is a Drawable? How do you make one? How do they interact with their Views?

We’ll talk about the native Drawable types, how custom Drawables can be included in XML, and the nuts and bolts of actually implementing one.

Finally, we’ll overview the changes that have been introduced to the Drawable API in Lollipop, and some of the challenges of backporting these to pre-Lollipop OS's.

Presented with Jamie Huson, Etsy at DroidCon Montreal 2015.


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April 10, 2015