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Redox Integration Engine and You

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September 08, 2014

Redox Integration Engine and You

Redox is the modern API for healthcare integration. We make it easy for applications to integrate with the EHR and help health systems take an incremental step towards embracing cloud-based technologies. More at redoxengine.com



September 08, 2014


  1. the modern API for healthcare REDOX

  2. You’ve made a new application to help improve healthcare! For

  3. You’ve made a new application to help improve healthcare! But

    in order to get to market, you’ll need to share data with the health system... For Apps
  4. You’ve built your product in the cloud. And the health

    system keeps their EHR data on premise. Furthermore, they live in the land of HL7. For Apps hospital basement the cloud
  5. You’ll need to manage connectivity to the health system as

    well as build an engine to process the HL7. For Apps VPN transmitting HL7
  6. At scale, this can get cumbersome and costly. Connections are

    inconsistent and your engine will need to process many different flavors of HL7. For Apps
  7. Instead, connect to Redox once through our API, and we

    manage the custom connections to health systems. For Apps
  8. This allows you to focus on building great software, rather

    than on scaling integration across all of your customers. For Apps
  9. Our JSON data models are consistent and easy to use.

    Redox developer tools let you interact with the API so you can build an integrated workflow in staging! www.redoxengine.com  
  10. EHR integration improves workflows and can eliminate error-prone double documentation.

    For Health systems EHR  
  11. However, traditional integration projects require months of work for IT

    teams. Because if this, they’re costly and often take weeks to prioritize. For Health systems EHR  
  12. We help you get the most out of your EHR

    by enabling turnkey integration. Use Redox to manage integrations through one secure end point. Whether you’re developing apps in-house or working with vendors, we make the process much simpler. For Health systems EHR  
  13. Redox can become an innovation driver by de-risking costly software

    implementations. This enables your organization to try more innovations without the upfront costs. For Health systems EHR  

  15. TC Nick Devin Vesper Luke James Niko

  16. We’re a team of 7 former-Epic engineers with over 35

    years of experience in implementing, developing, supporting, and integrating with the nations leading EHRs. We live in Madison, WI.
  17. EHR Integration with REdox App Developers Health systems •  Let’s

     discuss  your  integration   strategy.  We’ll  help  you  come   up  with  an  EHR  integration   project  to  bring  to  your   customers.   •  Access  the  Redox  dashboard  to   dig  into  data  models  and   interact  with  the  API  to  build   integrated  workflows.   •  Redox  allows  best-­‐in-­‐class   software  to  easily  and  securely   interoperate  with  your  EHR.   •  We  act  as  a  single  end  point  for   all  application  integrations,   providing  control  and   transparency  while  eliminating   costly  point-­‐to-­‐point   integrations.  
  18. EHR integration doesn’t have to be scary.

  19. EHR integration doesn’t have to be scary. Reach out today!