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10 Foot, 2 Inches: Designing Apps for Up-Close & Afar

Patrick Haney
September 13, 2013

10 Foot, 2 Inches: Designing Apps for Up-Close & Afar

The landscape of internet-ready devices is quickly growing, allowing people to access content from pocketable devices and big screen TVs alike. But designing usable interfaces for big and small is a challenge, especially when those devices are being used to compliment each other. Hear firsthand from two seasoned designers about the pitfalls and best practices of designing for these unique experiences and the Second Screen. They’ll talk about handling different methods of input and finding room for varying amounts of output, designing within existing UI constraints, and much more.

Patrick Haney

September 13, 2013

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  3. ❖ Purpose of Application in Itself ❖ How useful the

    application is to users and how much pleasure it gives them should be considered ❖ Connection with the Use of TV ❖ Create new user experience through designing application linked with the experience in watching TV How to Desi n a Great User Experience