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One App, Two Apps: Design for the Device Ecosystem

One App, Two Apps: Design for the Device Ecosystem

Presented at UX London 2015, Patrick & Jenna take a quick look at what it takes to design great experiences for today's technology user.


Patrick Haney

May 22, 2015

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  1. One App, Two Apps Design for the device ecosystem hanerino

  2. Hello. We're Hanerino. notasausage jennamarino hanerino

  3. Device Landscape

  4. Title Text

  5. TV Remotes & Game Controllers

  6. None
  7. http://haner.in/nbckinect

  8. http://haner.in/applewatchres

  9. http://www.android.com/wear/

  10. Environments

  11. http://haner.in/forrestermobileuse

  12. 10 Foot Experience

  13. 3 Meter Experience

  14. Title Text

  15. Device Ecosystem

  16. of people use multiple screens to sequentially accomplish a task

    90% http://haner.in/multiscreenworld
  17. of TV viewers use another device too 77% http://haner.in/multiscreenworld

  18. of mobile searches occur at home 77% http://haner.in/mobilesearchmoments

  19. cars a week sold on eBay's mobile app 8,000 http://haner.in/buy8000cars

  20. of smartphone searches are prompted by TV 22% http://haner.in/multiscreenworld

  21. http://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank

  22. of the time we use a smart phone, we use

    another device 57% http://haner.in/multiscreenworld
  23. Consistency Continuous Complimentary The Three C's http://www.oreilly.com/pub/e/2740

  24. Consistent Design

  25. Continuous Usage

  26. Title Text

  27. Title Text

  28. Title Text https://youtu.be/nJVoYsBym88

  29. Start with mobile Consistency within an application Consistency within the

    device Design for the Ecosystem
  30. "The experience should transcend the device." notasausage

  31. Test on an Real Devices

  32. http://haner.in/trendrr

  33. Room 4 Workshop

  34. http://hanerino.com hanerino Thank you.