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Getting Shit Done (in 20 Minutes)

Getting Shit Done (in 20 Minutes)

A shortened version of Getting Shit Done, the productivity and GTD-like system for web professionals. This presentation was given at A Web Afternoon in Atlanta.

Design and development is a lifestyle choice for many of us, but that doesn't mean we don't want to get out and enjoy the other things in life. When most of your day is spent on trivial tasks rather than productive work, it's time to evaluate your process and improve it. In this talk, Patrick shows you how to focus your work day, reduce time spent on the crap you don't enjoy, and help you Get Shit Done. He talks about the tools and resources you can use to speed up your process, how to find the right routine for you, and when to unplug and get away from your computer.


Patrick Haney

May 21, 2012

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  1. GETTING THINGS DONE Patrick Haney @notasausage shit in 20 minutes!

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  5. MY NAME IS PATRICK And I’m a procrastinator.

  6. I WORK FOR MYSELF Don’t call me a freelancer.

  7. http://marketplace.veer.com/merch/vpr0001351

  8. http://youtu.be/_cZC67wXUTs

  9. THE INTERNET IS DISTRACTING Hey, stop staring at your iPhone.

  10. The problem with constant inspiration is that you're always distracted.

    - Rogie King, on the Twitters http://twitter.com/rogie/status/162542504636461057
  11. A LIST APART • Demos, examples, techniques, writing http://www.alistapart.com/articles/reigniting-your-creative-spark/

  12. http://designerscouch.org/view-design/Honest-logos-23220

  13. http://designerscouch.org/view-design/Honest-logos-23220

  14. http://onehourpersecond.com

  15. AN OVERVIEW OF THIS TALK Stay focused Find your (work)flow

    Stay organized Get some help Call it a day
  16. http://amzn.to/vatK9P

  17. Create a system of productivity to clear the mind of

  18. THE GOALS OF GETTING THINGS DONE Capture anything and everything

    Define actionable things Organize information
  19. GTD enables greater performance, capacity and innovation. It alleviates the

    feeling of overwhelm, instilling focus, clarity and confidence. GTD will attract members of the opposite sex, make you wealthy, and improve your physical appearance.
  20. GTD enables greater performance, capacity and innovation. It alleviates the

    feeling of overwhelm, instilling focus, clarity and confidence. GTD will attract members of the opposite sex, make you wealthy, and improve your physical appearance. I made this up.
  21. THE 3 R’S Record Return Resolve

  22. STAY FOCUSED Have a plan Start unitasking Capture and return

  23. UNITASKING Let’s focus, people.

  24. http://trentwalton.com/2011/09/20/unitasking/

  25. http://www.pomodorotechnique.com

  26. None
  27. DISABLE DISTRACTIONS Hide windows you don’t need Turn off email

    notifications Ignore Twitter and Facebook
  28. SPIRITED AWAY Shhh. He’s watching us... http://drikin.com/2010/11/spirited-away.html

  29. None
  30. defaults write com.apple.Dock showhidden -bool YES

  31. None
  32. USE FULL SCREEN TOOLS Ommwriter iA Writer Full screen mode

    in OS X Lion
  33. http://www.ommwriter.com

  34. CAPTURE & RETURN Quickly capture Stay on task Take care

    of it later
  35. http://instapaper.com

  36. None
  37. SIMPLENOTE • Notes and to-dos http://simplenoteapp.com

  38. AVOID “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out

  39. None
  40. FIND YOUR (WORK)FLOW Choose your tools Get into a workflow

    Create good habits Stick with it
  41. USE WHAT WORKS Don’t change tools without a good reason.

  42. TEXTMATE • My tool of choice

  43. ESPRESSO • And many, many others http://macrabbit.com/espresso/

  44. SHIT I GOTTA FUCKING GET DONE • Notepads http://shop.coolmaterial.com/products/to-do-notebooks-2pk

  45. AVOID THE LEARNING CURVE You could’ve been getting shit done.

  46. We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.

    - Marshall McLuhan
  47. http://inboxzero.com

  48. STAY ORGANIZED Find a system that works File shit away

    Keep your shit tidy


  51. http://www.realmacsoftware.com/littlesnapper/

  52. None
  53. KEEP IT CLEAN Your workspace should reflect your system.

  54. defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Inbox/ killall SystemUIServer

  55. sudo rm -rf ~/Downloads/ ln -s ~/Inbox ~/Downloads

  56. GET SOME HELP Reduce your own workload Pay someone if

    necessary Do the work you enjoy
  57. FLIGHT SEARCH • We don’t check every airline to compare

    prices http://kayak.com
  58. REDUCE YOUR COGNITIVE LOAD Computers are good at that shit.

  59. CALCULATOR • We don’t do math by hand, even though

    we could http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickgage/3736249034/
  60. DON’T DO SHIT YOU DON’T ENJOY Stay happy, stay focused

    Hire someone to do the shit work
  61. Being rich is having money. Being wealthy is having time.

    - Margaret Bonnano
  62. None
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  64. HIRE THE HELP Get an accountant Keep a lawyer around

    Pay someone to copyedit And to do other tasks
  65. http://taskrabbit.com

  66. CALL IT A DAY Keep regular hours Leave work at

    work Get out of the office
  67. KEEP WORK AT WORK Don’t take that shit home with

  68. Working more doesn’t mean you care more or get more

    done. It just means you work more. - Jason Fried, Rework
  69. GET A LIFE Work to live, not the other way

  70. THANK YOU Patrick Haney Designer/Developer at Hanerino patrick@hanerino.com @notasausage