Create Work-Life Integration using technology

Create Work-Life Integration using technology

Busy days? Too much work you think you don't have a life? Or the other way round? But how can technology help you to have an integrated work-life environment!

In this talk you will get to know how you can have that work-life relationship with the help of technology.


Naamini Yonazi

April 13, 2019


  1. Naamini Yonazi Software Developer DataVision International @naaminiyonazi April 13th 2019

  2. Create Work-Life Integration using technology “Work, love, and play are

    the great balance wheels of man’s woman’s being.” – Orison Swett Marden, founder of SUCCESS magazine
  3. Understanding Work-life INTEGRATION

  4. The concept of work-life “balance” is outdated • Work-life balance:

    Time a person gives to their professional and personal lives respectively. • Work-life integration: Aims to unify your personal and work life way that complements both areas.
  5. Splitting your time between coding/writing a proposal document and posting

    on Instagram isn’t how we define work-life balance
  6. So .. • What is your definition of work-life integration?

    • Where are your priorities? • Where do you need to spend the most time and energy to feel most fulfilled?
  7. None
  8. Confused huh? Don’t be … it’s simple..

  9. What makes all this possible? Digital Devices Remote Working Social

    Media Flexible Hours
  10. Plan the work and work the plan ... • Where

    are the obstacles/issues? • How can this digital world fix this!! • Schedule structure for flexibility • Efficient tools and apps; stay connected, organized and focused • Have a “Tech-Free Day” Every Week … WORK
  11. None
  12. That Myth of doing it all . Integration Home Schedule

    Friends Me time Hobbies & Social Media Family Work Schedule
  13. Like me, most of the women I know do a

    great job of worrying that we don’t measure up. We compare our efforts at work to those of our colleagues, usually men, who typically have far fewer responsibilities at home. Then we compare our efforts at home to those of mothers who dedicate themselves solely to their families.” -(p.123, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg)
  14. - Use technology to keep up with your family. -

    Utilize digital services available (eg Google suites) - Stick to a routine Prioritize Family, social time & Self management!
  15. You’re usually wearing so many hats, you sometimes forget to

    take one off before putting another one on.

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