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Getting into the Tech Field

Getting into the Tech Field

So you wonder how and what did others do to achieve into being Android developers. The journey was just hectic and stressful no?

Seeing that this is the finale for ALC Phase1 - we want all learners to understand, the journey is hard - but only the survivors, persist.

Join me into this talk on how to start and get into the tech field. Don't worry! You are not alone!


Naamini Yonazi

August 03, 2019


  1. Getting into the Tech Field Naamini Yonazi Software Developer DataVision

    International @naaminiyonazi ALC 4.0 Phase One August 3rd 2019
  2. • Stereotype • On your marks, get Ready … •

    How to … • … Go!
  3. Stereotypical Image Of Coding... • Screens • Specs • Most

    of all … coffee/red bull … Life in tech can be far more diverse and exciting
  4. On Your Marks ... Do some reading and listening

  5. • Head out to tech meetups. • Seek out a

    mentor. • Find tools online - Udemy, YouTube, Udacity, PluralSight • Make your mark. … On Your Marks ...
  6. Get ready ... • find small projects that you're using

    or interested in. if something's broken, file a bug • be integrated into something that you like • try to go one level below on frameworks or libraries that you're using; read some of the underlying code
  7. • if you see something broken, try create a patch

  8. • DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ERRORS! • remember: start

    small, then with time you end up doing more and more • RUBBER DUCK Effect
  9. ...Get ready ... • Communication: don't get offended if people

    disagree with you • Learn to be patient - most contributors have day jobs as well • Learn to document, it helps! i.e: a Notebook, Git, bitbucket etc
  10. None
  11. @carolla93 Naamini Yonazi @naaminiyonazi Location @carollacharles naaminicyonazi@gmail.com .naaminicyonazi.com