Minimum Viable Infrastructure

90ee248bf508110d413fa34d316ba239?s=47 Noah Zoschke
September 26, 2016

Minimum Viable Infrastructure

I'm building Convox, an open-source platform that expertly configures AWS to run and manage any application. In doing this I have discovered a minimal set of 11 cloud infrastructure services that form an architecture that supports any application.

Here I'll introduce the 11 service types that support our secure computing, application workload, and operational needs. I'll show how these services are used together to manage a secure computing cluster that can build Docker images for an app, roll out new images to production with zero downtime, and scale to handle any load.

Finally we'll look at the cloud computing landscape to see how all the cloud providers and software projects compare with offering these 11 service types.


Noah Zoschke

September 26, 2016