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Django Girls: stories of teaching Python and Django to thousands of women

Django Girls: stories of teaching Python and Django to thousands of women

Django Girls is a workshop for total beginners into the world of web building. Started by two Polish girls in Berlin and now organized all over the world in 45 cities, Django Girls aim to inspire women to fall in love with programming. Ola will share with you how she went from not knowing anything about teaching programming or feminism, to knowing a little bit more thanks to thousands of people who participated in the workshop formula Django Girls created. You'll learn the secrets of explaining the Internet, servers or ORM to people who never done this before. And how to find 100+ women who want to learn to code just about anywhere. This talk is your introduction to the world of getting girls excited about snakes, ponies and balloons.


Ola Sitarska

May 26, 2015


  1. Cześć

  2. Ola Sitarska

  3. None
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. Dori Czapari

  8. Justyna Kałużka

  9. Josie Zec

  10. Josie Zec

  11. Emily Karungi

  12. None
  13. @olasitarska Lacey Williams

  14. Lacey Williams The Django Girls community is supportive, receptive, generous,

    and grateful. Their encouragement has, in three months, turned me from a lurker and re-tweeter to an active participant in the Django community, and I am so grateful to be part of this organization.
  15. Lacey Williams (I’m actually tearing up typing this.)

  16. Story time

  17. Yet another guy at a conference “So, are you here

    because of your boyfriend?”
  18. Random guy at another random meetup “For a girl, you’re

    really great at Computer Science.”
  19. Some guy at some tech meetup “Hey girl, have you

    heard this joke that women can program.. a washing machine. Hahaha, haha, ha.”
  20. Ola & me @ Django Girls NYC

  21. 2 things

  22. Get People Excited!

  23. Build Community

  24. None
  25. Sisterhood

  26. 53 643 people read our tutorial

  27. 53 643 people read our tutorial

  28. 53 643 people read our tutorial

  29. None
  30. 1 225 women attended our events

  31. 9 now work as developers! (at least)

  32. None
  33. None
  34. None
  35. how we grow Django Girls

  36. make something people love 1 1

  37. contagious enthusiasm 2 2

  38. open source everything 3 3

  39. scalibility! 4 4

  40. keep it fun & friendly 5 5

  41. go the extra mile 6 6

  42. Lacey Williams, Portland organizer Django Girls has seriously been career-changing

    for me. Honestly.
  43. it ’s all about the people.

  44. Dzięki.

  45. Dzięki. @olasitarska ola@sitarska.com