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Slides presented at the ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Roberto García, Associate Professor & Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer at Universitat de Lleida


June 02, 2022

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  1. Roberto García, Ana Cediel, Rosa Gil and Mercè Teixidó Universitat

    de Lleida, Spain ONTOCHAIN Summit June 2nd, 2022
  2. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU • Authorship and rights management layer for ONTOCHAIN

    • Claim authorship and provide supporting evidence • File complaints against potentially infringing authorship claims • Evidence supported (claims and complaints) • Proof if complaint is arbitrated or goes to court • Disincentivised false ones, long term • Recorded on-chain and potentially linkable to legal identity (cannot be retracted, reputation and legal penalties) • Token curated claims and complaints • Short term incentive against false claim and complaints • CLYToken staking and minting using bonding curve • Reuse terms semantic representation • Foundation for NFTs rooted on copyright INTRODUCTION
  3. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU • Token Curated Registry (TCR): • CLY tokenises

    CopyrightLY’s business value • Stake on trustworthy authorship claims (and complaints) • Drives revenue to stakeholders (owners, re-users, curators) • Participants earn part of stake by identify false claims or complaints • CLY token increases value with use, bonding curve TOKENOMICS https://www.linumlabs.com/articles/bonding-curves-the-what-why-and-shapes-behind-it TOKENOMICS

  5. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU • Extend the ERC721 metadata using JSON-LD •

    Use JSON-LD context to make default NFT metadata available as plain JSON • CopyrightLY NFTs compatible with NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, Rarible,...) • Tradable (ownership, sell, auctions, bids, offers,...) • Semantic NFTs • schema.org vocabulary and Copyright Ontology • Represent reuse terms licensed with the NFT LICENSE NFT (SEMANTIC) { "@context": { "@vocab": "https://schema.org/", "cro": "https://rhizomik.net/ontologies/copyrightonto.owl#", "external_link": "https://opensea.io/metadata/external_link", "animation_url": "https://opensea.io/metadata/animation_url", "youtube_url": "https://opensea.io/metadata/youtube_url" }, "@id": "did:eip155:4:erc721:0x8E8B...3a97:2766...3627", "@type": "cro:Agree", "name": "Reuse license for 'Snow Again in Mollerussa'", "description": "Grants the owner permission to make QmPP...xDj8 available on the World Wide Web from Oct 4, 2021, 10:54:01 AM to Oct 4, 2022, 10:54:01 AM", "external_link": "https://copyrightly.rhizomik.net/manifestations/QmPP...xDj8", "image": "ipfs://QmPP8X2rWc2uanbnKpxfzEAAuHPuThQRtxpoY8CYVJxDj8", "animation_url": "ipfs://QmPP8X2rWc2uanbnKpxfzEAAuHPuThQRtxpoY8CYVJxDj8", "cro:when": "2021-10-04T08:54:01.220Z", "cro:who": { "@id": "did:ethr:0x4:0xfd9c5fc8fcecf69041749fb34778e0b00c4a70f5", "url": "https://copyrightly.rhizomik.net/creators/0xfd9c...70f5" }, "cro:what": { "@type": "cro:MakeAvailable", "startTime": "2021-10-04T08:54:01.220Z", "endTime": "2022-10-04T08:54:01.220Z", "cro:who": { "owns": "did:eip155:4:erc721:0x8E8B...3a97:2766...3627" }, "cro:what": { "@id": "ipfs://QmPP8X2rWc2uanbnKpxfzEAAuHPuThQRtxpoY8CYVJxDj8", "@type": "cro:Manifestation", "name": "Snow Again in Mollerussa", "url": "https://copyrightly.rhizomik.net/manifestations/QmPP...xDj8" }, "cro:with": { "@id": "https://dbpedia.org/resource/World_Wide_Web" } } } ERC721 Metadata Semantic Metadata
  6. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Showcases CopyrightLY through the following scenario: 1. A

    YouTube video creator willing to explore alternative ways to monetize content. 2. Uploads video file and registers content hash on-chain making an authorship claim. 3. Links the authorship claim to YouTube video proofing ownership of the social media version. 4. Stakes CLY token on authorship claim to show commitment on its authenticity. 5. Mints NFT licensing the terms defined in its metadata to future owners. 6. Trades NFT on existing marketplace, potential purchasers can trace it back to the copyright claim. DEMO https://youtu.be/Ky8aowIP3wc?t=65
  7. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU Q&As roberto.garcia@udl.cat https://rhizomik.net/~roberto