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Slides presented at the second ONTOCHAIN Summit for Trustworthy Internet by Cristiano Aguzzi, Co-founder and CTO at VAIMEE


June 23, 2023

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    Location Date ONTOCHAIN SUMMIT 2023 ONTOCHAIN Projects Demonstration “My3Sec” 22/06/2023
  2. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 2 PROJECT OVERVIEW - Problem • Job Market

    is shifting to a hybrid model of working which is encouraged because of its positive impact on sustainability and efficiency in multiple sectors. However this new model influence negatively the process of representing and evaluating skills of workers. Existing methods for building impressive Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and assessing reputation scores are plagued by subjective biases, lack of transparency, and unreliable information. •As a result, professionals struggle to showcase their true abilities, differentiate themselves effectively, and port their skill experience level across companies. Note: the European Commission declared 2023 the European Year of Skills.
  3. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 3 PROJECT OVERVIEW - Objective •My3Sec is a

    comprehensive solution designed to enhance the efficiency and transparency of remote work processes. • A fully decentralized system for tracking people's career growth and improving employers' project management through a verified skill-oriented approach. •My3Sec will exploit the blockchain to provide a trusted log of time spent on activities or projects and to build a distributed verified Curriculum Vitae on chain. •My3Sec shines in open governance projects where the community can get a trustful overview of the workload spent by different individuals.
  4. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 13 DEMONSTRATION - user benefits Workers can growth

    their careers Managers accurately track progresses of projects and engage in corrective actions rapidly Workers, freelancers especially, can find best job opportunities according to their skills Workers can expand their skills through customized learning courses
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