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A tester's survival guide for agile transition

June 24, 2019

A tester's survival guide for agile transition

Agile transformation is challenging, especially for testers who are accustomed to working in a silo. As a lone tester on a team, it’s difficult to find the time to learn new methodologies and adapt to be able to incorporate them as part of your process.

While it’s apparent that an agile approach can bring forth several benefits such as the faster delivery of new features, it’s not always obvious what a tester should do to be a part of this change.

Although there’s literature covering the tester’s role in an agile environment, this talk will move beyond the theory and provide a journey of a tester’s experience in making this transformation.

Make no mistake... transitioning to agile is not an easy feat, so this talk will not only cover my personal successes but will also highlight my failures and critical lessons learned.


June 24, 2019


  1. A tester’s survival guide for agile transition Parveen Khan |

    Senior Test Engineer | Scott Logic @parveen_khan10
  2. - Plan for estimations - Plan for writing test cases

    - Plan for exploratory testing @parveen_khan10
  3. • Reviewing requirements • Writing test cases • Functional testing

    • Exploratory testing • Regression testing • Contingency time for retesting of raised issues @parveen_khan10
  4. • Planning in agile is part of every day •

    You need to plan continuously and constantly @parveen_khan10
  5. • Being proactive • Have courage • Taking initiative •

    Leading instead of following @parveen_khan10
  6. Thank You! @parveen_khan10 You can find my slides here -

  7. @parveen_khan10 Useful resources: • Agile Testing : A practical guide

    for testers and agile team • Sample PQIP session • Exploratory Testing by Maaret