Creating Scalable APIs & API Performance

Creating Scalable APIs & API Performance

In his talk “Scaling APIs (& API Performance)” Patrick will give an overview of the challenges and difficulties of a well performing API, which components play a part and how these components can be optimised and scaled properly. He’ll walk through on how to identify low performing components and show some tools that make life as an API architect easier. He’ll try to differentiate what a modern API should do, and what it should not, presenting new patterns and systems to optimise performance and ultimately, the user experience, across consumer devices. The talk will be technically oriented and gives some insights into the daily routines and problems one can run into when designing an API for consumers. Given the different technologies, languages and frameworks an API can operate with, Patrick will try to be platform agnostic and won’t go into too much detail for the various platforms themselves. As a Software Architect and CEO at, Patrick designs and crafts scalable high performance and mobile-friendly APIs for various startups and companies which operate within 25ms response time and with millions of requests load. He scaled systems to data-centers around the world to guarantee optimal user experience for API consumers.



May 06, 2015