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  1. Ver. 210518 for Engineers PayPay’s Business, Organization, and Talent Acquisition

    Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Please refrain from reproducing or copying the text, images or other content of this document without permission.
  2. What this FACT BOOK is: This document gives you a

    quick overview of PayPay’s current business, organization, and hiring. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. ・About PayPay ・PayPay

    5 Senses ・PayPay Developers ・We are hiring ! ・FAQ This FACT BOOK consists of the following items:
  4. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. PayPay started off

    with a small group of people. SoftBank and Yahoo! JAPAN were the main investors while Paytm, the leading payment platform provider in India, offered technical supports. Who we are Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  5. Simple Organization CEO Corporate Marketing Sales CTO Product Division About

    70% of the Product Division consists of foreign nationals. We use English and Japanese internally. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  6. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. About PayPay Launched

    the product in 2018; now we are the No.1 payment platform provider The number of PayPay users is 40 million(as of June 2021). Our service continues to grow despite the impact of COVID-19, as evident in the the number of PayPay payment surpassed almost 2 billion last year. In short, 1 in every 4 people is using our service, assuming the Japanese market has 120 million people.
  7. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Wider Horizon for

    the PayPay Brand PayPay as a Super App Collaborating with banks, financial services, governments and many others PayPay Life Platform
  8. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. PayPay for Developers

    Provide APIs to improve payment experiences across Japan Web Payment Native Payment App Invoke Dynamic QR code • PayPay payment APIs are provided to external developers. • End-to-end testing to check the payment flow can be conducted in a secure sandbox environment. • Usage status of PayPay app can be managed on the Dashboard.
  9. PayPay 5 senses -What we value when working at PayPay-

  10. PayPay 5 senses 1. Believes in our PRODUCT&TEAM 2. SPEED

    is our bet on the market Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. -Enjoy growing together, believing in the product, our teams and that we will be the no.1 fintech company in the world- -Contribute to our users and the company by achieving results at an amazing speed-
  11. 3. Ego is not welcome, Communicate is necessary 4. Be

    Sincere , To be Professional Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. -Value communications and respect diversity of our colleagues. Work together and tackle tasks as one- - Be sincere and work as a professional without making any compromise. Create new opportunities and values. Go through till the end-
  12. 5. Work for LIFE or Work for Rice Copyright (C)

    PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. -Take action, looking for essential objectives and values. Try to take risks again and again and never stop challenging-
  13. 6 Key Skillsets They are expected profile in terms of

    PayPay behavior Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 1. Amazing speed Discover for yourself the important things that need to be done and implement ways to reach the best results at the fastest speed possible for the organization. 3.Logical thinking 6. Open mind and communication skill 2.Commitment 4. Curiosity and questioning mind As a professional, commit to the growth and business goals of the organization and create impactful results by your ownership. 5.Problem solving Communicate your opinions to others in a flat manner to ensure mutual understanding and to keep things moving forward. Keep your curiosity about new things and your challenges along with a continuous questioning mind and enjoy such circumstances in a future-oriented manner. Take a proper approach towards both explicit and potential business/organization challenges to lead solutions involving others. Think logically and structurally to bring real communication.
  14. WFA BENEFIT SATELLITE OFFICES PayPay Developers Diverse & multi-national “Professionals”

    from more than 40 countries - World-class Engineering Organization -
  15. Development Organization Product Division Mini App O2O Food Tech 1

    Tech 2 Design Product App QA WEB Back End SRE DBA DevSecOps Product Manager Project Manager Project Technical Manager UI/UX Department Positions Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. CTO Management Organization
  16. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. How we work

    at PayPay Backend Team Frontend App Assign as Project Member 1-2 members from each team Product Manager PMO Project Management: Agile Team Development (by-project assignments) Platform etc.
  17. Language Framework Middleware Infra Dev tool Analysis Design Communication Java,

    Python, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML/CSS Spring Boot, React, Angular, Redux, Vue.js Aurora, Dynamo DB, TiDB, Redis, Elasticsearch Kubernetes, AWS GitHub, IntelliJ Bigquery Figma, Photoshop Slack, Zoom Tech Stack We select the optimal solution depending on the situation – we’re keen on using new tech! Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  18. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Why we work

    at PayPay • Working with talented engineers from more than 40 different countries. • Creating not just a product used by many users but a new culture in the Japanese finance market is very rewarding. • First-hand experience in technical challenges and huge scale projects unique to a product which is still growing. • A flat organization which enables transparent decision-making. • Opportunities to grow as the organization grows.
  19. Management Tech-lead Senior Software Engineer Software Engineer remuneration skills and

    expertise to be pursued by each Career paths can be changed flexibly based on individual strengths roles Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Career Path at PayPay Experiences and career paths offered at PayPay
  20. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Work from anywhere

    at anytime • The office is for team-building activities & collaborative work; the working principle is “work from home.” • Work from anywhere as long as it is in Japan. • Use any satellite office provided by WeWork in Japan. • A work from home allowance of JPY 100,000 per year is provided. • Travel expenses are provided for any necessary commute to the office. NOTE: Internal rules apply
  21. Positions Open • Back-end Engineer • SRE • DBA •

    Mobile Engineer (iOS/Android/Front-end) • QA Engineer (Automation / Manual) • Security Engineer (DevSecOps) • Product Manager • Project Manager • Product Technical Manager (As of May 2021) Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  22. Screening Process CV Screening Online Test Technical Interview (2-3) Job

    Offer • It takes about 2 months to finish our screening process (from sending an application to receiving an offer). • All interviews are conducted online. • Interpreters can be arranged for those who need language assistance. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  23. Message from CEO I feel that there are more and

    more people who think that PayPay has the potential to impact society in a positive way. We want to continue to be a leader that creates ripples across society and remain a business that can live up to this expectation. Since the very beginning, a highly diverse group of people with different nationalities and backgrounds have gathered at PayPay, and we have always made the sure that we channel the diversity through changing ourselves and pursuing active dialogue to develop a better service. Having said that, PayPay’s current culture, which is to ”address change at overwhelming speed," is not yet in its complete form. PayPay will continue to keep one stride ahead of the times and adapt at overwhelming speed. PayPay is looking for "true professionals” who can adapt to the everchanging cashless industry and become No.1 by "delivering results at an overwhelmingly fast pace” in response to the individual missions taken on. We aren’t looking for people who become slaves to the company. We seek talent who will continue to increase their market value as professionals in their respective fields, becoming experts who are valued not just by PayPay but outside as well. That is the sort of company I want to build together with everyone. I believe that we can become even stronger both as a company and as a service by amassing those who want to become No.1 and enjoy all the changes along the way. Photo President & Representative Director CEO Ichiro Nakayama Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  24. Becoming the No.1 Fintech company!

  25. Ver. 210518 for Engineers Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights

  26. Frequently Asked Questions Q. How do you decide on the

    amount of remuneration offered to candidates? We factor in the market value and engineering skills (based on coding challenges, interviews, etc.), and we compare them to our hiring standard to decide. Q. What is PayPay’s pay-raise system? There is a performance review once a year. We evaluate our employees based on their yearly contribution and performance. We decide how much of a pay raise we give to each employee based on the evaluation they receive. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  27. Frequently Asked Questions Photo Q. How many days a week

    do I have to go to the office? We work 5 days a week on weekdays. Everyone works from home, in principle. As for the working hours, PayPay employs a super-flextime system which allows employees to work more flexibly according to their needs. When you need to go to the office, you will receive a commuting allowance based on the company’s rules as long as you are in Japan (maximum JPY 150,000 per month). Q. How do you communicate with your teammates when you are WFA (working from home) Each team has its own way of ensuring close communication within the team. Stand up meetings in the morning or coffee breaks are quite common. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  28. Copyright (C) PayPay Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Frequently Asked Questions

    Photo Q. What if I cannot speak English/Japanese? We do have interpreters/translators all the time and they provide language assistance needed for your work. There is also a Japanese/English Boot Camp at PayPay, which is a unique language learning program. Q. Are side jobs allowed? Yes, as long as your supervisor or relevant department provides signs-off on it. However, it is vital that you follow the company’s rules such as: the side job does not affect your job at PayPay, you cannot use the company’s name or assets, you must not leak unique technologies and know-how owned by PayPay, etc.