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Women's health care refers to women's health, which is pelvic floor strong reviews different from that of men in a number of different ways. The World Health Organization defines women's health as an instance of universal health, where general health is defined according to the quality of the life expected for a woman in her age and at the time of this estimation. This means that the quality of life depends upon how young a woman is, how healthy she is in the old age and what she does in her lifestyle. This definition of women's health has been criticized on the grounds that it downplays the significance of culture and social setting.

Women's health care is seen as an extension of family planning. It is a fact that women have to plan their life around their family. Women have to look after their husband, their children, their parents and other members of their community, so it goes without saying that they will take care of themselves physically as well. Hence, they require high levels of fitness, but they can attain this only if they get a healthy diet and engage in some form of exercise. In some developing countries, women have to go to the gym and engage in some physical activity just to be able to get out of the house and enjoy life.

The other fact about women is that they are less likely to get any kind of cancer, unless they are suffering with advanced stages. This is because advanced stages are associated with hormonal changes that are only caused by menopause. Hence, in women, getting regular check-ups ensures that they are not at risk of developing any such diseases. It is important to note here that women that engage in regular exercise are less prone to cardio-vascular diseases.

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