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OPQ 2016

Philip Johnson
December 06, 2016

OPQ 2016

Year-end review of the Open Power Quality (http://openpowerquality.org) project

Philip Johnson

December 06, 2016

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  1. OPQ 2016

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  2. Hardware Projects

    Redesign of the power system

    Use of on board ADC

    Redesigned analog filters

    Precision reference

    Faster communication

    Calibration system...

    A shiny new box

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  3. Firware Projects

    New build system

    DSP uses Internal ADC

    Uniform sampling

    In system update


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  4. Software Projects


    Documentation generation


    Continuous integration (sort of...)

    Building/Install/Startup scripts

    Kernel driver for DSP

    Local analysis.

    Triggering framework

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  5. Misc Business

    2nd place in Booz Allen Hamilton competition

    Paper in IEEE ISGT 2016

    VIP program review

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  6. OPQBox 2.5 → 2.6

    In system programing

    Great F/V response

    Encrypted communication


    Smaller BOM

    Ready for prime time

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  7. OPQBox 2.6

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  8. Whats Next?

    Automated PCB Assembly

    Triggering system

    Timing study

    Instrumentation paper

    Big Analysis

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  9. Thank You!
    We Hope to see you in Spring.

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