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Getting started with Sylius

Getting started with Sylius

Sylius Introduction for the eZ Publish Community at eZ International Days in Oslo.


Pawel Jedrzejewski

June 03, 2014


  1. Getting started with Sylius Paweł Jędrzejewski eZ International Days, 3rd

    June 2014 in Oslo, Norway
  2. Who am I? Paweł Jędrzejewski Huge beliver in Open Source

    Creator of Sylius BDD evangelist !
  3. None

  5. ? What is most important for developer’s productivity?

  6. Happiness!

  7. Happiness!

  8. A story about John THE PHP developer

  9. JOHN’s applications on the outside


  11. Have you heard about this new tool/ methodology called ABC?

    Yeah, I wish I could use it in my XYZ project, but it is not compatible or used.
  12. ? What is the answer?

  13. Sylius Modern e-commerce for Symfony2

  14. What is sylius • E-Commerce framework for PHP • Set

    of bundles for Symfony2 • Platform based on Symfony2
  15. e-commerce framework for php • Collection of decoupled components •

    Usable with any PHP project • Common E-Commerce patterns and domain models implemented in „raw” PHP code • Loosely integrated with other libraries
  16. Set of bundles for symfony2 • Standalone Symfony2 bundles •

    Every E-Commerce feature lives in a separate package available through Composer • Can be integrated into existing application • Bundles as integration layers for Symfony
  17. e-commerce symfony2 app • Online-selling platform • Can be used

    as a base for project or „as is” • Integration with other Symfony2 app is possible and easy • Consists of two main bundles containing Core and Web interface
  18. ? How does it look?

  19. administration interface

  20. Work in progress

  21. ? What can you build using Sylius?

  22. sommelier-prive.de

  23. colorscience.com

  24. artlantis.com

  25. ? What makes Sylius different?

  26. PROPER OBJECT ORIENTED PHP • No singletons and static access

    all over the place • Testable code • Lack of magic • DependencyInjection and many other design patterns
  27. vendors managed using composer • All Sylius components, bundles and

    distributions are available through Composer • Sylius uses Composer to manage its dependencies • No NIH allowed • A lot of community libraries
  28. Symfony as framework • Sylius, just like eZ Publish, is

    built on top of full- stack Symfony2 • Based on Standard Edition, should be familiar for any Symfony developer • Does not reinvent the wheel and shares part of community
  29. Doctrine as orm • No ActiveRecord • Fully featured ORM

    as the foundation for data storage • Whole data persistence hidden behind elegant interfaces • Potentially supports MongoDB and other platforms
  30. Behavior DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT • StoryBDD with Behat maintains high level

    of communication quality among the community • We communicate using examples • Behat scenarios are executed as acceptance tests automatically on every change • SpecBDD using phpspec punishes us for any bad design decision • CodeQuality
  31. Feature descriptions

  32. Executed on travis-ci.org

  33. Code quality

  34. Compared to „old” solutions

  35. ? How to get started?

  36. Require a single component $ composer require sylius/product:v0.10.0 <?php !

    $product = new Product(); ! $product ->setName(’T-Shirt’) ->setDescription(’Really cool t-shirt’) ;
  37. Install symfony2 bundle $ composer require sylius/cart-bundle:v0.10.0 <?php ! class

    FooController extends Controller { public function barAction() { $cart = $this->get(’sylius.cart_provider’)->getCart(); } } And follow the installation instructions from the documentation
  38. DOCS.sylius.org

  39. Install Sylius app $ composer create-project sylius/sylius -s dev $

    cd sylius $ app/console sylius:install
  40. components and bundles

  41. Resource Layer • Lives on top of Doctrine • Extends

    and uses Doctrine Common Persistence interfaces • Contains basic interfaces, like TimestampableInterface, SoftDeleteableInterface etc. • Integrated through SyliusResourceBundle
  42. Products Attributes and variations Options and Variants • Component and

    bundle for common entity Attributes handling • Processing of object variations using options • Product integrates both Attributes and Variants
  43. Orders and Carts Sales and Shopping Cart • Cart is

    an Order with appropriate state „checkout” • Support of Adjustments for discounts and fees • Order items can contain any type of object or plain text, quantity and price
  44. Other components and bundles We have few of them •

    Taxation with categorization and different calculators support • Complex shipping management with different shipping methods and cost calculators • Inventory tracking with backorders support • Promotions system with coupons, actions and custom rules support • Addresses management with geographical zones for precise shipping and taxation rates • Payum integration for payments
  45. Okay, a bit more than „few” More fun • Workflows,

    checkouts, installation wizards and multistep actions • Pricing component with customizable price calculators (volume, regional, per custom group etc.) • Settings system for easy configuration via GUI • Taxonomies for categorization of products • Theming, Plugins, Reviews, Subscriptions, Multi-Channel (coming soon)
  46. What about content management? Symfony CMF Integration • Very basic

    integration with the CMF • Simple content types and blocks • Big plans to take this integration even further
  47. ez Publish + Sylius Can we work together?

  48. translate.sylius.org

  49. sylius.org

  50. @pjedrzejewski @Sylius ! pjedrzejewski.com sylius.org THANK YOU!

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